The Complaint Box is open!

Here are my entries – funny how I initially thought I didn’t have any – hahahahahaha!!

  1. It would be so much easier to enjoy each moment in a day if my head didn’t hurt. I am really tired of being so sensitive to every single little twist in the wind and change in the weather that causes these things. Mind you, as busy as I am trying to complete all of my month end entries in just 2 work days, and as much as this headache is making that task extra special crappy, I *am* immensely grateful that this struck me today vs, oh…later this week!
  2. Restaurants that wont take reservations on the weekend!! What is up with that? You do all this research to choose the right place for your group, all the review websites say that YES, you take reservations, yet none of them have a “not on the weekends” qualifier. And why not? Why, on the busiest nights of the week, do you choose to force your guests to wait? “Oh, but we have a lovely wine bar where you can wait!” says the cheery hostess who answers the phone. I’m sure you do honey. A wine bar with $10 glasses of mediocre wine I am sure. And how early would a party of 10 have to arrive before they were seated on Sat? “Oh, just a hour!”  Much like the restaurants with broken websites, my reaction is: NEXT!
  3. People who cannot clean up the microwave after their food has splattered. Yes, this is a workplace related complaint – I am quite certain there will be one every week because, as I’ve mentioned before, there are some less than respectful & considerate folks in the basement. Which I know is probably true of every office place. But honestly, that very large dried up blob of now hardened & crusted cheese? How could you NOT see that when you took your food out and how could you just leave it there?

OK, that is all I have the time for today – The Complaint Box is open – what do you need to get off your chest in order to enjoy more of YOUR moments this week?

One thought on “The Complaint Box is open!

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  1. My mother-in-law needs to STOP telling my daughter to lose weight. She’s FINE — after watching a couple of nieces go through eating disorders I don’t want to go there again.

    This was checked at her last checkup and she’s FINE

    And MIL *NEVER* says this when *I’M* around.



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