He cleans up pretty well

No tie because I spaced on the fact that neither one of us knows how to tie one!! One of those single mom of boys things that happens. I should have had DS1 show us how to do it the night before, but I totally forgot until he went to get dressed. By then, DS1 was a work. Kind of a shame because I bought a really pretty one with green accents that looked great with that suit. It was in my purse 😉 We figured if we needed it, one of the many dads there could help him out. Then the first 3 guys we saw were without ties so we knew it was OK.

He’s looking over my head because Coach Wolfies’ younger son was standing behind me on a ledge being goofy – which I appreciated because he has recently taken to scowling when I try to take his photo so at least he’s looking in my general direction and smiling!

And I am too tired for much else. Dancing last night counted as a full on workout for sure. I am very glad that the only plans we have are to go see a movie because sitting on my ass is all I can handle today!


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  1. He looks great! I’ve never been to a bar mitzvah, either. The only one I’ve been invited to fell during the same time as my Mediterranean cruise so I didn’t go.


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