It’s the weekend, time to par-tay!

Oh yes, there will be dancing!

Can you believe that I nearly reached the age of 45 before going to a Bar Mitzvah Service? I didn’t have any Jewish friends until high school which was too late of course. Older son knew one boy and was invited to the service but only the boy’s friends were invited, not the friend’s parents (makes sense, I hardly knew them) Tomorrow, SportsBoy and I will attend the service and luncheon and then party for a boy we’ve known since they were both 5. They have played both baseball and football (sob!) together and attended elementary school together.  In fact, if the team had won last weekend (sob!), they would have been playing tomorrow without their kicker since he is tomorrow’s honoree. So it was a slight silver lining when the team lost (sob) to know that we could be there for our friend for all of the events of the day, not just the evening party. In fact, it has given us something to look forward to since it will be the first Saturday without a game (Sob! Ok, I’ll stop :-)) Many of his teammates will be there as well as his coach so it will be a very nice transition into Thanksgiving week.

And oh yeah, this family hosts some downright fantastic parties so you know we will be having FUN. I’m looking forward to a rare night out with SweetPrince who will join me for the evening portion. We so rarely get nights out together and shoot – we had one last week and now this! Downright spoiled I tell ya!!

I also think I will be the only female this weekend NOT swooning over New Moon and Edward and….BARF! I am SOOO the mom of boys – these books and movies are of ZERO interest to me! In fact, much like SB who gags when the girls he knows in school or online start in with the Twilight talk, I tend to change the channel really quickly and/or skip over anything related to the series. Thankfully there is a somewhat testosterone laden movie for the boys opening this weekend – Blind Side – we’ll be checking that out on Sunday.

Oh, but I will swoon just a bit – Adam Lambert’s CD has been shipped to me!! I may have it as early as today, possibly tomorrow. It’s official release is Monday and he is performing at the American Music Awards on Sunday night. THEN I shall swoon. And then SB will roll his eyes and make gagging sounds at ME, but HEY, what are moms for if not to torture their teenagers?

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  1. I will join you in not swooning or going ga-ga over anyone or anything related to the Twilight. saga.

    It sounds like you have a very busy and fun weekend coming up. And thanks for reminding be about Blind Side. I want to see that one. Of course I probably won’t get to see it for a while, but I can dream.


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