Oh Hi


February is the Monday of months according to the always currently relevant Garfield The Cat. It’s also clearly Blogging Prevention Month around here.

My writing energies are all used up by the pergola site. With the ebook on sale – one book sold last week! – I have to ramp up the promotion which means article writing to drive traffic and then updating some of the old pages of the main site.

Then there’s Pinterest. I’ve been ignoring that latest trend. I noticed a few folks posting from it on Facebook. OK, so in reality I got pissed off by friends flooding their timelines with stuff. It was a deluge! Yuck. Too much Pinterest spam and I was about to block that app. Then…as I was watching stats on the pergola site, I noticed an incoming link from there. Hey now! Someone had “pinned” our site! That’s cool.

So, I joined & started playing. And as I set up my boards for fun and trolled for those aforementioned Facebook friends to connect with them, I pinned the site & put it in the Gardening category. That pin? Was “liked” & repinned over 25 times in an hour. By total strangers! I clicked on the website stats and? 5 hits in 5 minutes. 1 signed up for our email list! No book sales, but I suspect now that the email series I write previewing the book is rolling, I think those will convert.

Meanwhile, I already found two recipes I want to try on other peoples boards.

IOW, when I am not working, writing for PDIY, monitoring the teen study habits, running, doing taxes, or driving oldest around to his job & appointments…well, I’m having deep debates on Facebook & the Aug Moms email list, watching my tv shows piling up on the dvr, and I’m pinning crap.

But I turned off the Pinterest Auto feed to Facebook & Twitter – that shit was annoying as hell.

I am one Hot Mama!


Last week I  was following a video course and testing out some of what the narrator was describing using my G+ account which resulted in my snagging some new people into my Acquaintance circle. Again, just testing something out and the person who’s circle I used is someone I know pretty darn well so I knew that our interests would be largely quite common. Part of the test was to see how many people added me back and how quickly that happened. I figured that eventually I would clear that circle out after awhile. So, I pretty much forgot about it.

But then, someone who added me during that time frame started trying to initiate a chat. The first time I was deep into something at work and just ignored him. The second time I told him I was at work and couldn’t chat. The third time was this weekend and after exchanging hellos his next message was “age”. After an eyeroll and a quick look into his profile to determine this was a very young guy from somewhere overseas who seemed to like posting photos of himself but not much else (clothed thank goodness!) I closed the chat and intended to remove him from my circles, but got distracted.

First this this morning it started again. I had *just* gotten into to work and was mildly amused at his persistence so I gave it  another shot. Here’s the chat transcript for your amusement:

R – Hello!

Me – Hi!

R – age

Me – Old enough to be able to advise you that it is not wise to ask that of someone you don’t know the first time you chat 🙂

R – Do you want a relationship?

Me – Um – no – look at my profile – I already am in one for over 10 years now – if that is all you are looking for, then move on somewhere else please and stop trying to chat with me.

R – But I love you and want to marry you!

Me – <closes chat and removes R from circles>

So that was my Monday morning – how was yours?!


Happy %$#^&*(@ Birthday already!!


Are you on Facebook? Well, then, you get the title of this post don’t you? Whether you have 50, or 500 friends, you will get it. Because, for some reason, birthdays happen in clusters. On my friends list, it’s summer. July & August are a veritable birthday feast. Every damn day I sign in and see the dreaded Birthday Reminders. It’s never just one. For two solid months it is 2 or more every day.

You look through the list of names and click on them and start in:

First one: “I hope you have a fantastic birthday filled with love & laughs!”

Second one: “I hope all your birthday dreams come true!”

Third one: “Have a great birthday!”

Fourth – 100th: “Happy Birthday!”

Ok, that last line is not true. After four, be honest – do you even leave a message? Or do you start with the bargaining when you see a day with a long list? Lemme see, her her & him, I *have* to leave a message. Him? Eh – he wont care. Her? Hell, she has over 1000 friends anyway – she wont even notice! Him? Aw crap, I’m going to see him later today and how weird is it NOT to leave a message when I’m going to see him?

Yeah. Don’t want to be caught making THAT Social Media etiquette mistake!!

So you dutifully fire off little messages through gritted teeth because you don’t want to seem rude.

And yet…

If not FOR Facebook would you even know when everyone’s birthday is? Think back 10 years ago…I’ll wait, I know it’s hard. Try not to get distracted by a tweet as you flash back….

How many of your friend’s/co-workers/heck, even family members birthdays did you KNOW? How many were in your little black book or important dates to remember calendar? 10? 20?  50 tops? Did it matter if you were not telling people Happy Birthday? Heck no!

But now? You check Facebook to see what your friends are up to. Check for any newly loaded incriminating photos or videos…er…cute..I meant cute, not incriminating (why would I say that? :-)) and you are guilted into writing out birthday wishes on wall after wall.

And just when you think you are DONE! There is NO WAY this can possibly matter worth a damn to people, well, your birthday rolls around.

And there they are. Wall post after wall post wishing you a Happy Birthday or some variation thereof. And as you read each one they make you smile & make you think of that person & why you know them and perhaps some fun memory you share. And then there you are at the end of the day posting the obligatory “Thanks all for the birthday wishes!” response. Only it isn’t really obligatory. It is, in fact, very sincere because you *have* enjoyed every single one.

And so when you sign in the next day and see those Birthday reminders you heave a sigh and click into each page and leave a message with perhaps somewhat less tightly gritted teeth.

Still, when you are in the midst of a birthday wave as I have been this summer, you cannot help but break into a grin when you see this lovely image in the top right corner of your home page staring at you when you sign in:

NOT A SINGLE BIRTHDAY REMINDER!!! WOOT! Now that’s cause for celebration 🙂