Oh Hi

February is the Monday of months according to the always currently relevant Garfield The Cat. It’s also clearly Blogging Prevention Month around here.

My writing energies are all used up by the pergola site. With the ebook on sale – one book sold last week! – I have to ramp up the promotion which means article writing to drive traffic and then updating some of the old pages of the main site.

Then there’s Pinterest. I’ve been ignoring that latest trend. I noticed a few folks posting from it on Facebook. OK, so in reality I got pissed off by friends flooding their timelines with stuff. It was a deluge! Yuck. Too much Pinterest spam and I was about to block that app. Then…as I was watching stats on the pergola site, I noticed an incoming link from there. Hey now! Someone had “pinned” our site! That’s cool.

So, I joined & started playing. And as I set up my boards for fun and trolled for those aforementioned Facebook friends to connect with them, I pinned the site & put it in the Gardening category. That pin? Was “liked” & repinned over 25 times in an hour. By total strangers! I clicked on the website stats and? 5 hits in 5 minutes. 1 signed up for our email list! No book sales, but I suspect now that the email series I write previewing the book is rolling, I think those will convert.

Meanwhile, I already found two recipes I want to try on other peoples boards.

IOW, when I am not working, writing for PDIY, monitoring the teen study habits, running, doing taxes, or driving oldest around to his job & appointments…well, I’m having deep debates on Facebook & the Aug Moms email list, watching my tv shows piling up on the dvr, and I’m pinning crap.

But I turned off the Pinterest Auto feed to Facebook & Twitter – that shit was annoying as hell.

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