Recovery is fun!


Especially when your boys are willing to spend many hours playing card games with you to break up the time spent reading on your new kindle or in front of the TV:

Phase 10


We’ve had this game for awhile but at first our brains hurt or we were just too tired or something to want to figure it out. But with a long weekend looming for 16 and considering that he was (shock!) feeling a little bored with his Xbox, he brought this out. We’ve since played 6 games, one with 27 and had a damn fun time smack talking and laughing at the whole thing.

Meanwhile, I made the mistake Thursday afternoon of thinking that I could take a walk in the beautiful warm weather we are having. Since that was scarcely 24 hours after my surgery, it was not the best plan. It wasn’t awful, but I did feel some cramping happening as a result so I shut it down completely the rest of the day and on Friday. Saturday I ran some errands with 16 and felt no side effects. Renee checked in to see how I was doing and if I wanted to just walk on the trail while they did our usual longer Sunday run. They had to be out there for 90 minutes. I figured even if I could only stroll for a bit that since it was on my favorite birding trail – especially in the winter – then that would be a great test plus I could enjoy the sunshine.

I strolled for a mile. I mean, really STROLLED. Did stop and try to ID birds from memory. I didn’t carry binoculars or a bird book because I had put on my running shoes and was prepared just in case I felt well enough to pump up the walking pace.

Which, I did, so miles 2 and 3 I sort of started into my previous fitness walking pace of close to 15 min miles. That took a 65 mins and they would still be on the trail for another 25 so I decided to start alternating some light jogging segments with the walking. By the time 90 mins was up I had gone 5.3 miles and felt 100% FINE.

So how about that? I went from doing the K9 5K last weekend under a bit of duress from the fibroid symptoms (36 mins) – evicted the pesky buggers on Wednesday – and then today, a week after the 5k and 3.5 days after surgery – I walked/jogged for 5.3 miles in 90 mins.

I like that kind of recovery a LOT!

Oh, and new habit check in – I added $5 to the total this week so I have $21.55 saved.

After I get into finishing taxes this week I’ll put my mind into coming up with something fitness related. Even though the recovery has been encouraging, I am being honest about my limits to come up with something else until I am totally cleared after the 2 week post-op visit and once the larger tax chore is mostly completed since that will take up time and mental capacity 🙂



A morning of talking while I caught up with my parents and did their taxes. My dad is doing great and has been cleared to start his rehab to build back his strength. Follow that up with a lovely, slow, yappy lunch with Jax. Combine that with the cold I was fighting, and this is now how I sound:


Sigh. I *always* lose my voice when I get a cold!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I will try the tactic of Sayesha from American Idol, the gal who lost her voice in the first day in the Hollywood round. She walked around with a notepad the entire second day and refused to speak so that she could sing on the critical day 3. So I am shutting it down. Don’t call me. Just email or text. I’m not talking the rest of today or tomorrow unless totally necessary so that my voice will be back for Monday. Good thing SportsBoy has no games this weekend.

A different perspective


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

     – anais nin

First of all, welcome to Day 1 of NaBloPoMo the bloggers challenge to post at least once a day in the month of November. Yeah, not sure why I am trying this, but what the heck. As a result there may be some new readers which is a tad nerve wracking, but it will also be fun to find other sites myself. Like a few of my friends did last year. I also promise to comment on those I stumble upon to say a quick hello. IOW, I am committing to giving up sleep this month!! So driving in to work this morning I was listening to one of my many alanis morissette cd’s and I got this idea to use her lyrics as a source for my opening quotes this month. Really, I could easily find 30 from her songs! So I go to her homepage to skim through her lyrics and right out front was the quote above. Perfect! For the new readers, that about says it all for me. I will be talking about anything and everything, uncensored. Unless I need to get something out which touches on a few personal stories which I will then protect, but generally those will be stories about other people who would not want things ‘out there’. Stuff about me? Oh, it will be OUT there!! Here’s one for you now.

Today, I found a positive side to the firestorm of ’07. A personal one. Ladies, you will particularly understand how perfectly this all came together. Today was my annual doctor’s visit. Yeah, that one. The one you mark on your calendar with a shudder and then, when it is over you think “Oh, thank gawd there are 364 days until I have to do *that* again!” Now, I have had the same ob-gyn for about 7 years now. He is great – fast an efficient. However, the small talk during the exam each year has been the same. “Where do you work?” “What do you do there?” “How long have you been there?” “How are your kids?” I swear it was like a recording. Of course, you answer as you stare up at the lovely paneled ceiling and florescent lights and try to make your answers interesting to keep yourself distracted.  But today, we were able to branch out! Today, the exam went even faster it seemed since we could all (he, the nurse and I) talk about the fires. Shoot, I even caught myself looking at the nurse instead of at the ceiling! Without a doubt that was one of the least awkward exams I ever experienced.  Whew. And yes, thank gawd there are 364 more days until the next one!!!

Surgery report


Lovely surgical attire eh? This was AFTER the morning portion which was h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e!
The people at SPC were awesome, but dangit if the cells were just not in the worst possible place I guess. We started in the regular digital mammogram room with the intention to have me seated while they had me positioned in the machine and using the images to direct where the needle (really a wire) should go. However, once they found the right angle to show the target spot the clearest, then it would mean an access point about as far away as it could be. So at 9:30 they gave up on that strategy and moved me to the table from hell. I was back on my stomach just as I had been for the first needle biopsy. Once on the table, they tried about 4 different views and positions before finally finding one they liked. I was seriously about to jump out of my skin at that point! Keeping perfectly still all that time was horrid. But they cannot sedate you as they need the patient to cooperate. The crazy thing is that once they found the right angle, it took about 10 minutes to numb the area and insert the wire!! As I finally got up off the table and looked at the clock I was shocked – it was 11:30!! I’d been on the table to two hours and at that center for 4! But, the radiologist was really happy with the end result and they sent me on my way to the surgery center. Thank heavens I’d been able to eat breakfast because mentally I do not know if I could had handled all that on a totally empty stomach.
From that point on it was easy! I checked in at the surgery center a bit late of course, but the two offices had maintained contact all along the way. I was wheeled into surgery at about 1:15 with the original time at noon. In between I got to recover a bit from the morning ordeal so I did not mind the break. SP and I had fun with the camera as I changed into my surgical attire as you can see. I needed that laugh break 🙂
I was only knocked out for about 5 minutes. I came awake to the sounds of Gordon Lightfoot and the Wreck of the Edmund Fiztgerald! Too funny. I commented that it was perhaps not the best song to awaken to in an operating room. Very quickly it was over and they cleaned me off and wheeled me into recovery. I’d heard the surgeon say she could see the original biopsy point which was encouraging – meaning she was getting where she needed to be for sure. She has since called to confirm that she did indeed get it all – yay! Recovery was quick and I was discharged at 3:30. Since they had not had to give me much to knock me out, I had no issues with nausea. Once the localized numbing wore off, I was in some pain so I took the prescribed Vicodin to get me through the night. This morning though it felt fine. I took off the outer bandages and everything looks and feels great as long as I don’t touch the actual incision spot. I go back next week to have the stitches removed.
So, time to turn the page and think/write about something else again!!

Some good news about tomorrow!


The anesthesiologist called me at 9:45 tonight (clearly from home with his kids yammering in the background). He wanted to confirm everything and then tell me about what his plans were. Just a 4-5 minute sleepy drug then keep me ‘relaxed’ but conscious once the localized numbing is complete. He said that means nearly a zero percent chance of nausea with such a small dose. Then he told me that I don’t have to stop eating/drinking until after 7:00am!! IOW – I can have my oatmeal for breakfast!! Yippeeeeeeeee!! Since I don’t drink coffee anymore which was his only other concern, I can have my usual bowl of oatmeal and he wants me to drink a bottle of water to keep myself hydrated before the noon surgery. Whew! As odd as it sounds, the no eating/drinking thing (and they mean at ALL) after midnight tonight until I get home tomorrow was really preying on my mentally. Not eating for me is torture – it would have been doubly hard to deal with everything tomorrow without something in my stomach. At this moment, I love that guy for taking the time on a Sunday night to call and talk to me about it all. Finally – other than Donna at SPC – a person in this process who I LIKE 🙂

Not so bad


Thankfully once I reached the surgical nurse she told me she had faxed the lab order already. I asked her to fax me a copy and went in with that today and got the blood draw done in less than an hour. Yay! Something went smoothly. Now, why do I have a pounding headache? Sigh.

A tale of resourcefulness and responsibility: Oddly, this is about DS2! The kid who makes his dad and I shake our heads in wonder that he gets through the day unscathed quite a bit! Today is baseball practice for him and we normally drop him off to school in the morning with his gear bag since the practice is at his school (love that!). Today though, his dad forgot to do that. It was also a big field trip day to the Maritime Museum and there was some question as to what time the buses would return to school. At 3:00pm I get a call from childcare asking if DS2 was on that field trip and I confirmed that he was. At that point he had not checked in with them. Normally he is at childcare for about 45 mins before he signs himself out to go to the baseball field. I warned them that he might forget to do that today so maybe they could peak out onto the field around 3:45 and see if they spot him. At 3:30 I get a call from his dad who was heading to the house to get the forgotten bat bag and drop it off. He just wanted to confirm the practice time. While we are on the phone he says “Wait, there he is!” Huh? I ask him where he is and he says he is about a block from his house and he has spotted DS2 walking towards the school with his bat bag! Apparently he got off the field trip bus and walked back to his dad’s to get the bat bag (probably not trusting that his dad would think to get it for him – heehee!) So, Ex2 tells me he will rescue the little guy and drive him back for practice. I call childcare back to let them know we have located DS2 for sure. They inform me that at 3:15 he checked in and signed himself in and then out! Wait a minute! He *remembered* to check in before taking the initiative to walk home and get his gear?? WOW!! When I said “wow” on the phone the childcare rep stated that DS2 is pretty reliable so they were not surprised. Well now, whaddya know?? I guess there is hope for the little Space Cadet after all.

But wait! There’s more!


I should probably not ask “what more can they screw up?” because they will surely show me!! Yes, I am referring to the *brilliant* and *utterly efficient* staff at the surgeon’s office.  Nurse calls this AM asking for me email address and to confirm all the previously mentioned arrangements. Surgery is still on for noon. Yes, drive straight to them after the needle procedure. No other instructions or comments are made at this time, and – as I have written before – no FURTHER instructions are given over the phone (I’ve now spoken with nurse B regarding this surgery 4 times including the original call to schedule it). She emails me the pre-op instructions. Here is line one:

You will need some tests done before surgery. (oh really?)
Blood work: Lab Corp in La Jolla (what?! I need to have blood work done sometime between now and the 14th at a facility in La Jolla that is in the same building I was in on Monday morning?!! And I am just finding this out NOW?????)

Unbelievable. Not only that, but I call Lab Corp and they don’t have any instructions from the surgeon on WHAT tests to run! Most likely it is a CBC which means no fasting or anything and I can just walk in with my lab order from the surgeon and get it done anytime between 7-5:30pm tomorrow or Friday. Should only take 20 mins and they don’t close over lunch. However, that teensy detail about the lab order….I am now waiting for the surgeon’s office to return from lunch so that I can find out just how I am supposed to acquire this lab order and why the hell didn’t they talk to me about this one of the other 4 times we spoke over the last week???