Surgery report

Lovely surgical attire eh? This was AFTER the morning portion which was h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e!
The people at SPC were awesome, but dangit if the cells were just not in the worst possible place I guess. We started in the regular digital mammogram room with the intention to have me seated while they had me positioned in the machine and using the images to direct where the needle (really a wire) should go. However, once they found the right angle to show the target spot the clearest, then it would mean an access point about as far away as it could be. So at 9:30 they gave up on that strategy and moved me to the table from hell. I was back on my stomach just as I had been for the first needle biopsy. Once on the table, they tried about 4 different views and positions before finally finding one they liked. I was seriously about to jump out of my skin at that point! Keeping perfectly still all that time was horrid. But they cannot sedate you as they need the patient to cooperate. The crazy thing is that once they found the right angle, it took about 10 minutes to numb the area and insert the wire!! As I finally got up off the table and looked at the clock I was shocked – it was 11:30!! I’d been on the table to two hours and at that center for 4! But, the radiologist was really happy with the end result and they sent me on my way to the surgery center. Thank heavens I’d been able to eat breakfast because mentally I do not know if I could had handled all that on a totally empty stomach.
From that point on it was easy! I checked in at the surgery center a bit late of course, but the two offices had maintained contact all along the way. I was wheeled into surgery at about 1:15 with the original time at noon. In between I got to recover a bit from the morning ordeal so I did not mind the break. SP and I had fun with the camera as I changed into my surgical attire as you can see. I needed that laugh break 🙂
I was only knocked out for about 5 minutes. I came awake to the sounds of Gordon Lightfoot and the Wreck of the Edmund Fiztgerald! Too funny. I commented that it was perhaps not the best song to awaken to in an operating room. Very quickly it was over and they cleaned me off and wheeled me into recovery. I’d heard the surgeon say she could see the original biopsy point which was encouraging – meaning she was getting where she needed to be for sure. She has since called to confirm that she did indeed get it all – yay! Recovery was quick and I was discharged at 3:30. Since they had not had to give me much to knock me out, I had no issues with nausea. Once the localized numbing wore off, I was in some pain so I took the prescribed Vicodin to get me through the night. This morning though it felt fine. I took off the outer bandages and everything looks and feels great as long as I don’t touch the actual incision spot. I go back next week to have the stitches removed.
So, time to turn the page and think/write about something else again!!

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  1. I love you but – you’re weird :} most people I know wouldn’t publish a picture in a hospital gown.

    HOPEFULLY this is the LAST page you’ll ever turn in this book.


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