Some good news about tomorrow!

The anesthesiologist called me at 9:45 tonight (clearly from home with his kids yammering in the background). He wanted to confirm everything and then tell me about what his plans were. Just a 4-5 minute sleepy drug then keep me ‘relaxed’ but conscious once the localized numbing is complete. He said that means nearly a zero percent chance of nausea with such a small dose. Then he told me that I don’t have to stop eating/drinking until after 7:00am!! IOW – I can have my oatmeal for breakfast!! Yippeeeeeeeee!! Since I don’t drink coffee anymore which was his only other concern, I can have my usual bowl of oatmeal and he wants me to drink a bottle of water to keep myself hydrated before the noon surgery. Whew! As odd as it sounds, the no eating/drinking thing (and they mean at ALL) after midnight tonight until I get home tomorrow was really preying on my mentally. Not eating for me is torture – it would have been doubly hard to deal with everything tomorrow without something in my stomach. At this moment, I love that guy for taking the time on a Sunday night to call and talk to me about it all. Finally – other than Donna at SPC – a person in this process who I LIKE 🙂

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