Election Result follow up

The day after an election is often spent by both sides reflecting on what they did correctly or incorrectly. Winners and losers assess what happened. Unfortunately, what has been observed over the last couple of Presidential election cycles is that one side isn't quite getting that the electorate is changing. Demographically, and socially, voters are... Continue Reading →

Oct 4 – Debate Notes

My post for today is over on my other site since it is about the debate 🙂

Pragmatic Progressive

I didn’t hang out on twitter because I didn’t want other people’s reactions to skew my own. I also knew I couldn’t multi-task nearly well enough to read and listen closely at the same time!

So, I watching while texting with my very a-political boyfriend who follows nothing other than receiving classic chain emails and opinions from a very conservative friend and then whatever he hears from me from the left.

His first text?

“Romney is getting burned right now”

Followed by:

“It just seems like Obama makes more sense”

“POTUS is very calm and collected”

“Romney has a little sarcastic humor!”

I think he fell asleep after that since he’s traveling for work in the Midwest.

Anyway – here are my own notes written into a notebook:

Blue and red ties? Really? How predictable.

Obama uses his “new economic patriotism” line again. It had been mentioned that Romney had…

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I hope she doesn’t need to get her nails done soon!

Yes, I normally avoid politics here, but this isn't necessarily all that inflammatory. Mostly it's just funny as hell (In my humble opinion) and mockery must ensue. Here's an excerpt from the LA times on a big dollar donor fund raising party help for Mitt Romney this weekend. Yes, both candidates will host these events.... Continue Reading →

Friday Beauty – in the eye of the beholder

I kept it traditional yesterday, but I can't resist sharing a couple of more politically oriented Veteran's Day today - and yes, I consider these beautiful because sometimes it takes a proper visual representation of an issue to get a very very critical point to be made: And one more traditional representation of beauty (in... Continue Reading →

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