I haz a rant

On the eve of a mid term election day, and despite my absolute passion for politics and the games surrounding it, I am absolutely DONE with people who MIX politics and games – specifically, the World Series.

Quit telling me who to root for in the Series based on political beliefs! Seriously – STOP IT!

You know why I love sports? Because I am a fan of that particular sport and a die hard fan of my local teams. I root for them no matter what. Fan being short for fanatic, I take that very seriously. Win or lose, I love My Padres & My Chargers and whatever team my son happens to be playing for at the time. It’s also quite shallow. No hidden meaning. No real life impact. Just good old FUN.

Do I care whether the owners of the team are conservative or liberal? Hell No! Do I care about the political leanings of the players on my teams? Hell No!

Sports is an ESCAPE from politics – not something to be blended with it. It’s supposed to be mindless and fun. You cheer & boo players and teams lustily to let off steam about all the other real life crap going on in your world.

So do I care about this Calif vs Texas (blue state vs red state) World Series? Hell no! All my liberal baseball fans are screaming that we have to root for San Fran because they somehow “represent”  liberals. WTF? NO – they represent the Giants & Giants fans and that’s IT! And as a diehard Padres fan – NO – I do NOT have to root for them thank you very much!  I am still absolutely allowed to be bitter about losing the division to them. I am absolutely allowed to be pissed at the recently developed assholish behavior of previously fun loving Giants fans. So yes, this proud Democrat, who already mailed in her straight ticket Democratic ballot for California, is rooting full scale for The Rangers. Yes, they are on the verge of losing most likely, but I don’t care. Yes, it would make the Worst President Ever happy if the Rangers pulled it out. I don’t care!!! I can separate those things.

Politics is not a 24/7 thing – it shouldn’t take over your entire life. You shouldn’t be looking for political statements or spin in everything everyone says or does.

It reminds me of the Adam Lambert fans who cannot seem to breathe without asking his permission. How sad is that? Don’t you know who YOU are without validation from him? Here’s one of my favorite (sarcasm) exchanges with an Adam fan – which has happened three times in the last year:

Fan: “Do you watch True Blood?”

Me: “No, I am not into vampire stories at all”

Fan: “Oh, but Adam LOVES it!”

Yeah – so? I’m supposed to change around all of my interests & passions to match Adam’s? Uh, NO. Also, boy did YOU miss his message to everyone about being happy IN YOUR OWN SKIN!  Yes, I love Adam and his music. No, I don’t love True Blood. Oh look, my world did not shatter at that statement!

I am balanced. I am nuanced.  I have a mind of my own & I use it. Try it.

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  1. Great post. Also, isn’t this sort of an exposition of the point Jon Stewart made on Saturday? In that we all have different likes and different ideas, and that we don’t always have to divide in terms of “good and evil”?

    In rooting for the Rangers, those who know you would know you don’t support Prop 23, don’t support torture or preemptive war doctrine, or tax cuts for the top 2%. Just as rooting for San Fransisco means someone is for “the San Francisco ‘Lifestyle'” or any nonsense like that. But the bigger point is: it’s not about any of that. It’s a frickin’ game, and these guys aren’t playing for the political direction of America; they’re just trying to do what almost every kid who plays baseball has wanted to do forever–win the World Series.

    I mean, I can hit George W. Bush on so many things, but being the former owner and fan of his baseball team isn’t really one, nor is conflating that team with his politics. The Texas Rangers aren’t responsible for the presidency of George W. Bush, any more than the White Sox are responsible for President Obama’s. Geez. Get some popcorn and enjoy the game, people.


    1. Exactly! I actually meant to reference the Rally4Sanity but got on a role with the ranting and forgot. That’s what happens when I dash off a post while eating lunch at work 🙂

      You go, then I’ll go. Cause it’s the greatest, strongest, country in the world!


  2. amen, sistah. and for the record, since the phillies didn’t make it in (my mets never do, but i was rooting for the hubby’s team), i don’t even CARE who wins the WS 🙂


  3. On the eve of the World Series of politics, I agree with your comments on the Workd Series! Baseball is baseball. Politics is politics. Lets keep the two separate.

    And, while I am being agreeable. I also am not a fan of True Blood.


  4. And how!

    Baseball brings me together with people I could NEVER agree, politically. It’s part of what I lpove about it – a common cause based on love of a place and a team. Screw the rest.


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