May 29th – Hmm..guess I blogged about that already!


Google is my friend. And my enemy. And my editor.

Tonight I had to read some more lessons for the class I’m taking which meant I needed to shut out the ambient noise. And with the return of 15 the noise level went up 10 fold. I grabbed my earphones and put on some music.

I chose Andrea Boccelli because I would not be tempted to chair dance and sing along 🙂 That man can not only hit some insane notes, but he hold them, and hold them, and hold them. DAYUM! Anyhow, when it was time to take a break and make dinner I switched over to Elton John and yes, I carried the Iphone with me into the kitchen and set it on the counter as I gathered supplies. Then Crocodile Rock came on.

“I remember when rock was young, me and Susie had so much fun…” and I had to dance. There was just no choice. Memory cells from the 70s kick in whenever that song comes on. As I was boogeying around the kitchen I thought I should find something on Crocodile Rock and the TV show that seared the song into my brain – Wonderama. So, I did a google search and look what was returned as the #1 result (I was signed in with my gmail account)

Heh. Guess I blogged about this topic already once!

Fine then.  New topic.


Oh yeah – I did run this morning. Up to the track, then rounded up the distance to a mile at an easy pace, then took off on what I hoped would be a fast mile, then back home. My toe is still tender though and I could feel it hurting now and then so I’ll wait to run on Thursday night again giving it another 36 hours to continue healing. No additional damage thankfully. And the “fast” mile was a 9.37 which is pretty darn good for me.

I left work a little early because I sort of hit a wall. Clearly my weekend of non stop writing and software testing took it’s toll and a headache hit me so fast it was like someone hit me. My decision to pack up and come home was a good one because I was obviously feeling much better by dinner prep-dance time! OTOH, I was clearly quite out of it as I packed up because I was missing something rather critical in my laptop bag.

The laptop.

Which was probably actually the best possible scenario since I did feel better and I did have the new lessons to read. I took notes and it sparked some ideas for more improvements I can make for PDIY. The laptop and internet would have been shiny objects preventing me from applying that kind of focus. 15 had the PC (until recently which is why I can write this) . He has to finish up his online English class by Thursday. 98% so far! We then have to huddle with the VHS and TPHS counselors to sign him up for summer session class(es). Yeah, as long as May seems to be, once that calendar flips to June a lot will happen for him as far as school ending, new VHS classes beginning and football ramping up and we have to keep on our toes.

“Crocodile rocking was something shocking, when your feet just can’t keep still!”

Rock on!



I suppose if you LIKE being depressed…..


I like to be a contrarian sometimes. Sometimes? Oh hush.

The following four things receive HIGH HIGH HIGH Critical Acclaim. Oprah’s Book Club! Grammys! Oscars!

However, I will advise you that unless you WANT to run into the kitchen and swallow a bottle of anti-depressants with that bottle of vodka and slip away into the night…well….then you’d be doing yourself a favor to avoid them.

I’m fairly convinced that even the happiest, most plucky, glass ALWAYS full among us would be in danger of deep depression after exposure to what I think are the most soul sucking pieces of literary, film & musical drivel to be foisted on our senses.

Behold! Your sure fire cures for a severe case of joy:

Sarah McLachlan

There is no denying that she has a very lovely voice. Soothing perhaps….IF she used it for good. But, she uses it for evil. Depressing, go to sleep forever evil. In fairness, I *have* seen her live. And yes, she is JUST as bad on stage. Lordy girl – can you please sing/write SOMETHING with some pep? You can celebrate love and life you know.

Tell me you haven’t had your TV on sorta on auto-pilot, heard the opening strains of “In The Arms of An Angel”, seen the images of animals wasting away and though “GAH! No! Not AGAIN!” and wanted to gouge your eyes out?

Yeah, I don’t care WHAT she sings now. Like Pavlov’s dog, the sound of her voice makes me immediately feel sick in the pit of my stomach and tears well up. Thank you, but NO!

It’s a little easier to avoids books than it is to avoid music since radio stations can assault you and, as pointed out, TV commercials can jump up and bite you – but…..there is something about a depressing book that really insults you. First off – you all probably picked this one up thanks to Oprah, right? I know I did. That first year that she did her book club, I didn’t read anything unless she had recommended it. I was doing OK until this one popped up. What in the hell is appealing about a book where literally everyone dies at the end including the only couple of characters you might have liked? Or, if they are not literally dead, they might as well be because the way the ending is written it is clear that those still breathing wish quite deeply that they weren’t? Who writes this thinking a reader wants to spend several nights immersed in this? Isn’t a book supposed to be a way of ESCAPING reality? And a book takes time and EFFORT to read. A song is a mere 3 minutes of hell. A movie is over in 2-3 hours. A book? That’s usually several days of a few hours here and there depending on how long and how fast you read.

Of course, it is my own problem that I almost NEVER stop reading a really bad book. I stubbornly plug away to the end hoping against all evidence that things will turn around.

Yes, I *was* smart enough NOT to the movie adaptation of this horrible mess.

However, I was NOT smart enough to remember how Oprah had burned me. Because years later when I inherited Jacqueline’s collection of novels which included a fair amount of Oprah Book Club selections, I got suckered again:

Holy hell in a hand basket! First you spend over 100 pages reading about how FABULOUS this family thinks they are…then it all goes downhill from there and one by one they are all exposed to be the shells of human beings that they are. No hope. No learning. No growing. Just mind numbing depravity & self destruction. Again – why the ever loving heck did I read this until the end? Ok, read is generous – I skimmed. But…ugh!

As often as I have marveled at how amazing it is that JK Rowling walked around with the Harry Potter stories in her head, wafting around in her over-sized imaginary glands until she could get them all out on paper – I feel deeply SORRY for authors who carry around tales like those two! I mean, really, how did THEY get through life with the ability to even crack a half-assed smile?

But then – we come – to THE biggest waste of time EVER – which won it’s industry’s highest possible honor (WHY WHY WHY?):

To quote Elaine from Seinfeld : “That movie SUCKS!”

Pretty much, yep.

So in conclusion – if you find out that someone plans on watching The English Patient after spending the day reading The House of Sand and Fog and listening to Sarah McLachlan CD’s…..just go ahead and call the suicide hotline on their behalf. They will thank you later.


Grammy time!


Do you love classical music? Do you follow the Classical Music awards category for the Grammys? Well, if so, then you need to be following Miss Music Nerd. She was chosen to be an official Grammy community blogger for the Classical Music category. It’s pretty cool because they found her (it was not something she applied for) and they chose her because her reviews are always positive. She doesn’t trash anyone, just highlights music/composers that she loves and why.

Did you know there are actually 12 categories in the Classical range? That means she will be familiarizing herself with 60 recordings between yesterday (when the nominations were announced) and awards day on January 31, 2010. It also means she gets to take a break from the depths of winter in Massachusetts in January for some LA sunshine 🙂

Personally, I have known Miss Music Nerd for 3 years now. She’s my most awesome roommate for the Netroots Nation gatherings and an accomplished musician and composer herself.

Miss Music Nerd

Must see & hear to laugh & dance into the weekend!


I just had to share these two things to escort you into the weekend. I’m still quite flabbergasted from yesterday’s unexpected promotion of my post to the main WordPress front page – which explains why there are all those comments! I’m used to 1 or 2, not 30!! Anyhoo, as I gather energy and recover from that shock to go into another weekend of playoff football, workouts, baseball and the always entertaining Halloween night leading to Raider/Charger game on Sunday – I will be dancing away to Adam’s latest single and laughing away at a very classic Jon Stewart clip oh so perfectly summing up recent events in the WH vs a Certain Media Outlet 😉 Enjoy!


Click here to listen to the new single For Your Entertainment on Adam’s official site (bonus of Time for Miracles there as well). FYE will make you shake your booty!!

Yes, that’s yet another image for his album. The man really is the Glittery Alien from the Planet Fierce.


Vodpod videos no longer available.


#1 song the day you were born


Yes, I stole this from Facebook but I thought it was more fun as a blog post 🙂

Find the #1 Billboard song from the day you were born here.

Mine is I Feel Fine by The Beatles (and for once a musical selection does not embarrass me!)

What’s yours? Post in a comment or do this on your blog and link back – have fun! I hope the music is good for you too 🙂

Fun Facebook Meme


So this is a repeat for some of you, but it was so much FUN that I wanted to challenge everyone to do it. It’s too long to post in a comment here of course, but please do link back to this if you do it or leave me a comment here to let me know when you’ve posted it on your own site. Trust me – it’s a hoot!!

1. Put your iTunes or Windows Media Player on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your next answer.
3. You must write that song name down no matter how outrageous it sounds!
4. Tag friends who might enjoy doing the game as well as the person you got the note from.

**My Note: Be prepared for a shit-ton of Alanis and Journey..and some other very embarrassing things I am sure! Oh, and was pointed out before this is totally written by a teenager with all of the “someone you like” questions!

“Hells Bells” AC/DC – that’s actually about right with me and my smart mouth!

“Dream On” – Aerosmith – OK, my Rhapsody player flipped those two questions didn’t it? Either that or it is trying to tell me that I don’t HAVE a personality????

“You Learn” – Alanis Morissette – There’s my girl! Nice one. Yes, I would like my man to be able to learn.

“Invisible” – Clay Aiken – GAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Fine Line” – Paul McCartney – You know, the title may not convey much, but the song itself? Actually not that far off!! And hey – it’s Sir Paul.

“Heaven Knows” – Robert Plant – Hahahahahaha!! Clearly my music has no clue what you lot would say!

“Mrs Robinson” – Simon & Garfunkel – OK, more giggles – perhaps it is my inclination towards younger men? 😉

WHAT IS 2+2?
“You Better Wait” – Steve Perry – First appearance by Steve or Journey…hmm…I guess it will take me and my music some time to ponder that complicated math equation. i r an accountant after all!

“A Thousand Years” – Sting – See? Loyal forever! That’s me!!

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE? (teenager question, but let’s think of this is in reference to the man I love. And pray the song that comes up is not horrible!)
“Desert Rose” – Sting – well now, I do like that. I happen to think Sting has one of the most romantic voices and my honey and I did go see him in concert one year for his birthday and it was a lovely night of romance so…not bad.

“Great White Hope” – Styx – Oh. My. Umm….???? Help?

“All I Ever Wanted” – Train – Sure enough. Be the happiness you seek, right?

“Shake It Up” – The Cars – Hah! Well comment 😉

“Sweet Dreams (are made of this) – Eurythmics – can you tell we are in the 80s portion of my play list? As you can see, I am a hopeless romantic eh? Either that or it’s yet another sign that getting married agian is rather a long shot!!

“Hold Me Now” – Thompson Twins – Yep, *deep* in the 80s people!! You see, I want all the mourners to hug each other and then dance. Truly.

“She Blinded Me With Science” – Thomas Dolby – Ok, I promise that I do have music that is more recent than 1983. Really. C’mon now!!!

“Who Can It Be Now?” – Men At Work – Sigh….who am I kidding? I’m an 80s girl. Clearly all my friends need to be too.

“Shout” – Tears for Fears – “These are the things I can do without” that line works. Really though. C’mon play list! Give me something from another decade!!! PLEASE!!

“Walk Like an Egyptian” – the Bangles – Now that will make for a VERY interesting obituary!!

WHAT IS THE ONE THING YOU REGRET? (besides loading my play list with a metric butt load of 80s tunes??)
“Shake a Leg” – AC/DC – well yeah, because that could hurt if you do it too much?

“Cantico” – Andrea Bocelli – What can I say? Italian songs make me laugh.

“Scarborough Fair” – Simon & Garfunkel – well, it is a very somber song. All those herbs.

“Yesterday” – The Beatles – may be the most accurate answer yet 🙂

“It’s Only Love” – Steve Perry – heh – avoidance of marriage issues??

“Ask The Lonely” – Journey – Nice. (sheesh)

OK, that was a lot of fun actually! Especially listening to the songs as they came up. Try it! And pray your player doesn’t get stuck in one genre!!!

My night out


Tonight was Only Child night out. IOW I bought myself one ticket to a concert to see Alanis Morrisette. I go by myself because no one else would be as into it as me 🙂 Well, perhaps that is not entirely correct as there as another woman there by herself who definitely was as into the songs as I was! The venue was perfect for Alanis. The San Diego Civic Center. Acoustics are perfect. Seats are soft and comfy and the aisles are very wide. I was 9 rows back just left of center (hah!). It was fabulous. She is such a good performer. I just don’t know anyone who wraps herself around a song like she does. And she exudes such joy as she sings. Yes, even when she is singing the angrier/darker songs. Of course, there were the usual human interest stories (people watching). The rather loud older couple next to me for one. The man had one of those booming voices that he just could not seem to lower and on top of that he was a total chatty kathy even when the music was playing. Then there were the people who kept on getting up and moving around. I never do understand that. I can sit through a 9 inning baseball game withou getting up ONCE to pee and these folks could not make it through a 100 minute concert. Why? Because they were drinking! I never could understand that. Why would you want to get drunk? And risk not remembering the wonderful music? Oh wait, there wasn’t that much to remember since you missed half the songs coming and going to get more booze and then to, you know, GO! Argh. Then there was a really young couple in front of me who couldn’t stop making out. Oh boy. And the gal who would NOT stop holding up her damn camera to take a picture or video or whatever and finally the Elite guard had to tell her to get out. Stooopid. If the usher tells you two times to put that away, then do it dummy. Nope. She deserved to be bounced. Especially since she was sitting just 4 seats in from the aisle and it was so easy for everyone to see what she was doing!

Enough about them, let’s talk about the music.

Sitting there I realized that I do have a response to Alto2’s question from today. There is one song that always makes me think of Sweet Prince. Head Over Feet. A love song that was on Jagged Little Pill which everyone equates with her classic, woman scorned angry anthem, but there is much more to that entire album. It would probably still not be a proper song to dance to at a wedding as her choice was, but to me, it is the definitive song that makes me think of my man. Given that description you would think that is the video I would showcase, but instead there was an even bigger treat tonight. A song which she normally does not do in concert as it never was a radio hit, but it is one that is very important to me and one of my dear friends, Mom of 4K. This was my first time hearing Alanis do it live and it was every bit as beautiful: