May 29th – Hmm..guess I blogged about that already!

Google is my friend. And my enemy. And my editor.

Tonight I had to read some more lessons for the class I’m taking which meant I needed to shut out the ambient noise. And with the return of 15 the noise level went up 10 fold. I grabbed my earphones and put on some music.

I chose Andrea Boccelli because I would not be tempted to chair dance and sing along 🙂 That man can not only hit some insane notes, but he hold them, and hold them, and hold them. DAYUM! Anyhow, when it was time to take a break and make dinner I switched over to Elton John and yes, I carried the Iphone with me into the kitchen and set it on the counter as I gathered supplies. Then Crocodile Rock came on.

“I remember when rock was young, me and Susie had so much fun…” and I had to dance. There was just no choice. Memory cells from the 70s kick in whenever that song comes on. As I was boogeying around the kitchen I thought I should find something on Crocodile Rock and the TV show that seared the song into my brain – Wonderama. So, I did a google search and look what was returned as the #1 result (I was signed in with my gmail account)

Heh. Guess I blogged about this topic already once!

Fine then.  New topic.


Oh yeah – I did run this morning. Up to the track, then rounded up the distance to a mile at an easy pace, then took off on what I hoped would be a fast mile, then back home. My toe is still tender though and I could feel it hurting now and then so I’ll wait to run on Thursday night again giving it another 36 hours to continue healing. No additional damage thankfully. And the “fast” mile was a 9.37 which is pretty darn good for me.

I left work a little early because I sort of hit a wall. Clearly my weekend of non stop writing and software testing took it’s toll and a headache hit me so fast it was like someone hit me. My decision to pack up and come home was a good one because I was obviously feeling much better by dinner prep-dance time! OTOH, I was clearly quite out of it as I packed up because I was missing something rather critical in my laptop bag.

The laptop.

Which was probably actually the best possible scenario since I did feel better and I did have the new lessons to read. I took notes and it sparked some ideas for more improvements I can make for PDIY. The laptop and internet would have been shiny objects preventing me from applying that kind of focus. 15 had the PC (until recently which is why I can write this) . He has to finish up his online English class by Thursday. 98% so far! We then have to huddle with the VHS and TPHS counselors to sign him up for summer session class(es). Yeah, as long as May seems to be, once that calendar flips to June a lot will happen for him as far as school ending, new VHS classes beginning and football ramping up and we have to keep on our toes.

“Crocodile rocking was something shocking, when your feet just can’t keep still!”

Rock on!



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