May 30th – Is this the month that never ends?

Seriously – is it?

I know we typically all lament how darn FAST the days/weeks/months fly by, but either this blogging every day thing has made time slow down or else the 31 days of May are THE longest 31 days of the year!

Now, I know I cannot attribute this feeling to just the fact that I committed to writing every day because 15 fully supports my description of May as THE LONGEST MONTH EVER!

I think it is a combination of the daily writing and just the events of the month. May leads into June. June means the end of traditional school. The end of homework monitoring and tussling with him over doing said homework. It means the end of those daily check ins to the online grading system and seeing those soul piercing RED BOXES OF HELL (missed assignments). It means no more weekly check ins to each teacher’s website to plan out homework for the week. June means the end of all of that. Something that clearly both of us are more than ready to get to! May was the lead up to the AP exam and it felt like once that exam was over that it should be time to take finals. And yet? Finals are a full 3.5 weeks later! WHAT?

While it seemed like the days leading to the AP exam flew by, the days since? Crawling.

May was the software upgrade for me at work. We’ve been on the march towards this for 6 months. It seems like it snuck up on us this weekend even though we were clearly well prepared. But then when it was over and the Go Live was official on Sunday, it then seemed like it should be June. Like we should be going right into working on closing the books for May and posting journals and…what? There’s still how many more days? Gah!

And then, yes, there is the writing thing. I certainly do sort of walk through the day perhaps a little more present or focused and thinking now and then about what I will highlight in here at the end. That simple act has probably tricked my brain into feeling like time is moving more slowly. Which, of course, is a GOOD THING!



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