JV football photos


Our #88

The JV squad is 3-0. Our #88 is liking the season much more than last year, but as always craves more playing time and opportunity to get his hands on the football. This last game, due to an injury, he was on kickoff return and…got to touch the ball. He also had a couple of plays where his blocking skills as a wide receiver created room for the ball carriers to get 10-15 extra yards. One sequence was so obviously excellent that the announcer even called out his name and number for it.

He starts at wide receiver and also on kickoffs for special teams. On kickoffs, the cool thing is to watch him from his outside position run so fast that he is usually the first guy to get to the returner if the kick is on his side. He’s made the tackle, or severely slowed the guy down, or gotten to switch lanes into a group of tacklers nearly every time. In these photos, when he gets to the ball carrier, the guy has to clearly cheat to get away from him (something the refs did not see). Luckily, he was tackled pretty immediately after.

Blocking 101: The defender in front of him is about to meet his shoulder

Blocking 101: And more yards are gained (note the photographer in jeans)

Blocking 101: from the photographer in the other photo

Facemask! C'mon ref! Throw the flag! (he didn't)

Facemask - so wrong - he only got 5 more yards before being tackled

Kick return - notice the cut he has to make to avoid the wedge - yes, he is too fast for his blockers!

Also note that there are THREE Falcon blockers engaging ONE guy while two others focus in on #88 – not the most effective wedge ever made boys!

He still ran around that corner and went another 10 yards before being tackled. It was a great return that setup the 2nd touchdown for the team putting them in the lead for good.


Altered expectations


This Labor Day weekend has turned into Garage Sale weekend for me. And it has provided some truly unexpected highlights.

The somewhat expected was selling *some* items. I knew it wouldn’t all sell, but I figured some small things would attract folks and you just never know what will catch someone’s eye. My somewhat joking goal was to sell a gas tank’s worth of stuff – and I did that on Saturday.

The unexpected treasures? Well, first off it was the overall fact that I am home bound. No where to go. No timetable other than be ready to roll up the door at 8am each morning (7 on Sat). I’m out here with my laptop on it’s rolling table and catching up on online reading & bill paying & budgeting and most importantly doing more writing and research for the website projects I’m working on with Eve.

In another stroke of good luck timing, SportsBoy is with his dad AND didn’t have to work or do anything this weekend that required my attendance. Three whole days? Unreal! Eve came over to keep me company and so we could bounce ideas off each other with all this quiet time and she ended up staging the whole display you see in the pictures. That inspired me to try listing the albums on Ebay – the listing is here – and seeing that they have eased up on some of there previously road blocking fees for listings. That one was just $1 to post so even if it doesn’t sell I don’t feel terribly gypped.

We’ve run 3 out of 4 days. I’ve actually had a four day weekend since I took Friday off to prepare for the sale AND because SportsBoy did have his first JV football game that afternoon in flipping ass Colton a good 90 minutes away! WHY do they start off the season out where it is hotter and a PITA to drive? Thankfully there was a desert breeze blowing which made it much more bearable than last year’s opener. Plus, the team won 37-0 🙂 We hung around to wait for traffic to die down and to hang out and talk to SB since he had to stay for the Varsity game which followed his. We talked for so long that the pre-game festivities were starting complete with marching band and my mom perked up and decided she wanted to watch the kick off. I would easily have stayed to watch that game too if I didn’t have to get up so early the next day. At least now that my mom has a taste of Friday Night Lights and clearly enjoys it, I know she will hang in there just fine next year when it is SB participating!

Mostly I have just loved sitting out and watching the neighborhood come and go. I’ve chatted with two people who I’d never met before. I watched many a dog and it’s walker go by. I saw a dad prepare for a fishing trip with his young son. As usual I am tuning in to the bird songs and love hearing when a hawk starts to call out. I really have to agree with one lady who lamented the lack of front porches in today’s homes. She is so right. After I call Amvets and get the larger items that don’t sell removed from the garage, I think I will set up a little sitting area so that I can spend the occasional day out here again.

We need more weekends like this when we slow things down and sip beer on the front porch and say hi to our neighbors.

Summer..vacation? Not hardly!


Most people’s summer vacations look like this:

Mine look more like this:

Amber says "I can't look mommy! It's too much nonsense - I'll just stay under the covers, thanks"

Boy does my cat have it right!

In the last week we have:

  • Set the alarm on both Sat and Sun mornings last weekend for 4:30am so that The Boy could be on the beach at 5:30am with his scuba gear to complete his scuba certification.

After first dive Saturday - he stated that football gear has NOTHING on Scuba gear when it comes to the weight you have to haul around!

  • Saturday after Dive #1 we had to take the tanks to be re-filled, eat some lunch, then he was off to the afternoon football practice. Since he missed the morning practice he had to run an extra set of conditioning drills. Because the coach assumes that if you miss practice you are sitting on your ass. HAH!
  • Sunday after Dive #2 and some lunch, he went off to a round of Go Karting with his buddy and to hang out for the evening while I had the distinct pleasure of driving up to LAX to pick up Sweet Prince from his trip to Thailand for his brother’s wedding. The flight was on time (9:35pm) which was nice…but the airport was a ZOO and customs took an hour and there was some goofball traffic in Oceanside and I didn’t get home until 1 am.
  • I faced Monday pretty much in zombie status and around 3:15 I gave up at work to go home and nap since there was a mandatory football parent meeting scheduled for 6:30 which I knew from experience could last 2 hours. I wanted sleep and food first. I did get the nap, but then my cell phone rang just before I could make dinner and I had to rush to the practice field to find this waiting for me:

Self portrait in the car as we head off to urgent care

  • The trainer was being cautious of course, but he’d gotten a pretty good neck stinger when he was bonked on the top of the helmet with a punching bag like pad. X-rays at urgent care were negative for any structural injury so it was all just muscle spasms and a strain. Of course, it took a couple of hours to find that out, then a mad dash to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription before they closed and then, oh hey, I was home as expected a little after 9pm but without any dinner in me. Luckily Music Man had baked a very yummy fruit pie on Sunday night so hey – pie for dinner!
  • The rest of the week seemed calm in comparison though it has still included a follow up appointment for The Boy to be cleared to go back to football yesterday, 10th grade registration and schedule review (just one more week of summer for him!) and finalizing the details for my parent’s 60th anniversary luncheon on Saturday.
  • Did you see that? 60. Yeah, I said 60. The anniversary itself was yesterday but we are having a nice catered lunch tomorrow with all of their local friends from the past 40-50 years or so.
  • Of course, The Boy has an intra squad scrimmage sometime tomorrow too. Notice I said “some time”. That is because as of this writing, we still don’t know the exact time! Based on prior years we are assuming (hoping?) for a mid-morning kick off giving us enough time to clean up and head up north for the lunch. If not…well…he may be walking home and heating up some soup for himself!
  • So that’s our version of summer – what’s yours? 🙂

Football player in action – somewhat


Here are some photos from the final summer passing league event two weeks ago. Last week and this week are considered CIF mandated “NO CONTACT” weeks. They head back in to start more weight training and then 2x day practices beginning next week. Finally in helmets and pads! All this time they have essentially been playing two hand touch as they worked on plays. So, we get to enjoy photos of our players when we can actually SEE their faces. Our guy got to catch a few passes so I snagged some of the shots to share. Check out how all of the boys are really starting to look like young men!

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My weekend in low quality iphone pics


After lugging around a very NICE camera in Minneapolis and taking lots of pictures there, I was feeling decidedly unenthusiastic about photo taking this weekend so I left my semi-decent digital at home and mentally shut down my photo taking part of my brain. Which naturally means there will be photo ops galore, right? Yeah…oh well.

Saturday was all day passing league event for SportsBoy and his JV football team. I thought it would all be in a stadium setting meaning way too far away for my little camera to capture anything decent, but of course the first two games were played on a back field where I *could* have had some close up shots. Instead, I captured the team at rest once those first two games were done:

You can't see SB in this one, but I love the sun beams

There he is!

They ended up coming in 2nd place in the round robin event that had about 20+ teams from all the local high schools. SB caught 5 passes, 4 for touchdowns (it was touch football, passing lays only with defensive players). Two in his typical dramatic “will he catch it or wont he?” style complete with one spectacular tumbling bouncing off the turf fall. Even without pads the kid plays as if he is pinball!

So that was all day Saturday in the hot son out in east county.

Sunday I was up at 4:15 to perfect my role as LegUp Head Cheerleader as Renee launched her triathlon race career with a damn impressive second place finish in her age group. First time out! She’s clearly a natural.

The two R's pulling on their wetsuits. Not so easy.

Sometimes it helps if you do a little dance while getting assistance 🙂

Ready to rock n roll!

Swim over - running to hop on the bike. One mouthful of deisel fuel consumed (ew)

At this point thanks to this race course, Eve and I couldn’t see anything but the finish. Eve did her run for the day following the same four mile run route the racers would take. I hopped on a shuttle 🙂 I *would* have run but since I am still new to the whole thing most likely I would not have been able to go fast enough to be there to see Coach Tanja finish. Or even Renee for that matter! It would have been close anyway. As it is, Tanja passed up Eve. Since Eve wasn’t racing she had her phone with her and got this pretty cool shot:

Tanja had no idea - supreme focus!

Renee heading for the finish line

Podium gals - Renee in 2nd, Tanja (of course) 1st in her age group.

Phone quality difference – this last one was taken with an iPhone 4 vs my 3GS – way better camera on the newer ones!

The teams - racers + cheerleaders

So now you can see why I still haven’t finished writing up my NN11 experience. I should be catching up this weekend since its a long one. And figuring out how I can upgrade my phone 🙂