Summer..vacation? Not hardly!

Most people’s summer vacations look like this:

Mine look more like this:

Amber says "I can't look mommy! It's too much nonsense - I'll just stay under the covers, thanks"

Boy does my cat have it right!

In the last week we have:

  • Set the alarm on both Sat and Sun mornings last weekend for 4:30am so that The Boy could be on the beach at 5:30am with his scuba gear to complete his scuba certification.
After first dive Saturday - he stated that football gear has NOTHING on Scuba gear when it comes to the weight you have to haul around!
  • Saturday after Dive #1 we had to take the tanks to be re-filled, eat some lunch, then he was off to the afternoon football practice. Since he missed the morning practice he had to run an extra set of conditioning drills. Because the coach assumes that if you miss practice you are sitting on your ass. HAH!
  • Sunday after Dive #2 and some lunch, he went off to a round of Go Karting with his buddy and to hang out for the evening while I had the distinct pleasure of driving up to LAX to pick up Sweet Prince from his trip to Thailand for his brother’s wedding. The flight was on time (9:35pm) which was nice…but the airport was a ZOO and customs took an hour and there was some goofball traffic in Oceanside and I didn’t get home until 1 am.
  • I faced Monday pretty much in zombie status and around 3:15 I gave up at work to go home and nap since there was a mandatory football parent meeting scheduled for 6:30 which I knew from experience could last 2 hours. I wanted sleep and food first. I did get the nap, but then my cell phone rang just before I could make dinner and I had to rush to the practice field to find this waiting for me:
Self portrait in the car as we head off to urgent care
  • The trainer was being cautious of course, but he’d gotten a pretty good neck stinger when he was bonked on the top of the helmet with a punching bag like pad. X-rays at urgent care were negative for any structural injury so it was all just muscle spasms and a strain. Of course, it took a couple of hours to find that out, then a mad dash to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription before they closed and then, oh hey, I was home as expected a little after 9pm but without any dinner in me. Luckily Music Man had baked a very yummy fruit pie on Sunday night so hey – pie for dinner!
  • The rest of the week seemed calm in comparison though it has still included a follow up appointment for The Boy to be cleared to go back to football yesterday, 10th grade registration and schedule review (just one more week of summer for him!) and finalizing the details for my parent’s 60th anniversary luncheon on Saturday.
  • Did you see that? 60. Yeah, I said 60. The anniversary itself was yesterday but we are having a nice catered lunch tomorrow with all of their local friends from the past 40-50 years or so.
  • Of course, The Boy has an intra squad scrimmage sometime tomorrow too. Notice I said “some time”. That is because as of this writing, we still don’t know the exact time! Based on prior years we are assuming (hoping?) for a mid-morning kick off giving us enough time to clean up and head up north for the lunch. If not…well…he may be walking home and heating up some soup for himself!
  • So that’s our version of summer – what’s yours? 🙂

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