Alex at 6
The pensive look at age 11
Teen Alex


The traditional email to the August Moms when our babies celebrate their birthdays:

Alex at 15 (complied in bits & spurts during the week)

Well, you all know by now why he is called Sports Boy. His life is dominated by competitive sports and playing video games. In all of those endeavors he is ruthless about winning. Over the years he’s shown the heart of a true on field warrior. Oddly though, this hyper competitive nature does not translate to wanting to “win” at school. His best friend who he will do *anything* to defeat in sports/games gets straight a’s? He shrugs that off. Boggles the mind. He’s “selectively” competitive πŸ™‚
In fact, he’s a very easy going, always cheerful, sociable teen who is a good student with severe bouts of laziness. He could easily be an outstanding student, but he just doesn’t care to be at this point. Thankfully he is easy to teach and is very coachable. He’s still a bit naive & has quite a sentimental side. He is often classically “blond” as he describes it with his head anywhere but in reality. He knows how to laugh at himself and does it often. He’s getting to be more self conscious about things & more embarrassed sometimes though not obsessively. He just had NO self consciousness as a young boy so any sign of it now sort of sticks out.
He’s still barely caring about his appearance. Mostly he doesn’t want to look dorky but the notion of matching colors still eludes him! He’s a joy to talk to. Will discuss just about anything. Lets be real – if it involves talking, he is there! He never shuts up. He still asks those annoying kid questions that make you respond with “does it say Google search on my forehead?” He’ll proudly announce how lazy he is, but then just as proudly talk about being the smallest kid on his football team AND also a starting wide receiver. Again – selective laziness πŸ™‚

He still has no idea what he wants to study, but at least he does have college as a goal and has taken it seriously that this year begins the real task of earning grades to get in. As we have delved into deeper conversations discussing topics like history, politics & civil rights he has shown an ability to think beyond himself and to be empathetic.Β 

Even though he has pushed me once to ask “anybody want a teenager?!” he’s really been super easy so far and I know those of you get to meet him this year at the reunion will see what a gorgeous, happy goofball he is πŸ™‚

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