I refuse!

I REFUSE to let the good spirits I am in from a great, productive, fun weekend of cleaning & running & socializing & organizing & writing waste away into Monday! (heck the Padres even swept a weekend series!)

I REFUSE to let the news that Sports Boy’s weekend diving certification courses start at 6am instead of 7am impact my happy place!

I REFUSE to let the updated JV football practice/scrimmage/game calendar recently released to overwhelm me and wipe away my positive vibes!

I REFUSE to let yet another bozo who couldn’t turn in their FY11 invoice in time causing me to redo my audit reports again get me down!

I REFUSE to let the Journal Voucher Upload system at work irritate me to a frazzled end (even though it has now failed on me 5 out of 7 tries. Yes, it might be user error – WHATEVER!)

I REFUSE to let a little thing like spilling some chocolate yogurt on my only pair of cream colored work pants drive me straight into the waiting arms of Monday’s malaise!

Oh, who am I kidding? Someone please make me one of these, STAT!



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