Weekend Open Thread – let me live vicariously through you?

Here’s my weekend:


Sports Boy has Little League opening ceremonies, then a LL game tomorrow and then a double header on Sunday with his travel ball team. In between all of that, I will be preparing tax returns for SweetPrince and his family. Now, of course I love baseball so that part is not terribly excruciating, but what I am describing here is not exactly weekend fun and relaxation.  Not by a long shot.

So please, while I labor with rental receipts and try to keep my digits from getting numb while watching the games, please, entertain me! Tell me what YOU are doing. It has to be more fun 🙂

(A positive side of the baseball is that I promise to take photos and post them in here to change up the theme in here for March. ‘Cause yeah, February really, finally, is ending!)

10 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread – let me live vicariously through you?

Add yours

    1. Just got home from Opening Ceremonies. Now I get to change out of walking clothes and into ass-sitting attire for the actual game 🙂 At least I *walked* there and back for the first part so I wont feel utterly lazy! Gorgeous day here – good on you for volunteering!


  1. I found a new (to me) discount grocery store and went twice this weekend. I think my pantry is more than well stocked now. Now I have to find a good (and cheaper than Safeway) source for fake meat… you know, meatless chicken and meatless ground beef, etc. Then I’ll be happy.


  2. Gday boys.

    I have already been stuck at a air port in Aia Napa for 1 days without being able to find a flight back home. This really is actually getting annoying, I am not even getting any kind of reimbursement from the airline. Anybody else in the exact same scenario or even have a buddy with the same difficulties?

    Sorry for this whine post but I felt that I had to voice my annoyance.


  3. You may have learned about the gigantic oil leak close to the Gulf. Ya think this will have got a major damaging impact on our animal population in close proximity to Mexico?


  4. Have you seen the sad match between Brazil and Portugal in the 2010 South Africa world cup? I seriously feel this is unsportsly behaviour and need to be penalized. What’s your opinion?


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