I’m gonna make you hip!

Seriously – those of you with kids, you may begin kissing my feet now. Unless of course you already knew about this dope site that  I will share with you which will make you not just hip, but also badass, gnarly, phat, wicked and yes, even awesome. All synonyms for “hip” and described in the Urban Dictionary. Go there. Learn the language of not only those kids these days, but also learn how to speak Twitter. Well, twitter was originally chat speak I suppose. When you are trying to drop pithy thoughts in 140 characters or less you really have to use the abbreviated lingo. ROTFL. BRB. FTW. FTR. For The Record, I found the Urban Dictionary site because I needed to get a definition of FTW (For The Win!) because I had seen it used on Twitter enough to drive me insane and had to know what it meant. So the next time you feel as if another language is being spoken or writter, go there for a translation. If not, you might find yourself off the box 🙂

Also, keeping things current here, I am not doing the full on American Idol wrap up posts like I did last year due to lack of time or passion for the task, BUT, I am watching and just want to highlight two singers from last night:

Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta:



They sang last night and really stood out to me. Even more so than anyone who sang last week (even the 3 who moved on to the next round). They are unique and immesely talented performers. Allison is just 16!! I’m really hoping they move on this week.

See? Now even if you don’t watch you know who two of the stand outs are in this still very popular TV show so you wont seem totally clueless 🙂


From my tweets yesterday you probably saw that Little League games started (and that my toes were numbed from the cold cold tundra that is the school field where they played). In one of the understatements of the century, things are way better this season without Coach Passive/Aggressive/Narcissist. Sadly, he moved up to No Cal. (get the sarcasm there?) if he hadn’t moved I am fully convinced that we would have had to put up with him again because the LL board was stubbornly standing by him. GAH! Anyway, all water under the bridge and now there are good times for the team. A great coaching staff of truly good guys and what looks to be a fun team of mostly younger kids, but with a lot of spunk. They won 6-2 yesterday and I need to brag a bit. SportsBoy was playing his favorite position – 2nd base – and made an eye popping play! Like most parents I am normally harder on him when talking about his relative talents in the sports he plays, but one thing I know he has in spades is an enormous lack of fear. He will willingly try anything phsyically possible to make a play. Yesterday it was  a diving stab of a hard hit ground ball that probably should have bounced through to the outfield but he snatched it and THEN, with his momentum carrying him away from 1st base, he reached *behind his back* with his throwing hand to get the ball out of his glove and then whirled to fire a strike to first and get the out. A total ESPN highlight play. And that is his style. Drama all the way. He’s one of those kids who gives you heart attacks but then comes through with the Big Play when you need it. Which of course makes him a ton of fun to watch!

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  1. I thnk Allison is going to go all the way. Wow, what a voice, and I too was blown away by the fact that she’s 16!!! I didn’t catch the first guy, as we turned on the tube late.


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