February is the Monday of months


What is it about February? How can shortest month in calendar days also be the longest? I’ve been ready since the weekend to change all my computer themes to March! How can there still be another week??

It’s getting busy around here again. Well, busy being relative of course since its never really NOT eh? Little League games start tomorrow. Should be more fun finally – coach from hell moved out of town (yay!!) Which reminds me that I DID have a story for my Friday post! The Worst Thing Ever for me was when the LL coach busted me for writing about him on my blog! Which he was not supposed to SEE (dammit) and when he did I just about died from embarrassment.

Pop Warner gearing up for registration. Board meeting tonight which makes for a very very long day and then online sign ups will start with the first in person day in two weeks. One. More. Year.

Did you watch the Academy Awards? I had so much fun Sunday night twittering and face-booking about it with my friends across the country. It was like one big viewing party! So rare to have an event like that be live in all time zones – usually we left coasters have to avoid anything online until the show ends for us in order to keep from having things spoiled by our yappy east coast friends. I have no idea why I enjoy the show so much given that I almost *never* see movies that are nominated until well after. I guess it’s just always a good show. Not sure about Hugh Jackman hosting. I loved that he sang and danced (most seemed to hate the production numbers, but I liked them), but I missed the wit of someone like Jon Stewart or Billy Crystal. I think it is better to have a comedian who can provide ongoing quips and reactions throughout the show. Anyway, all that mattered to me was that the one movie I saw and adored was Milk and it won in the writing and Best Actor categories so I was thrilled. I was actually *shocked* that Sean Penn won since the buzz leading in had been all about Mickey Rourke.  I was biased since I only saw the one movie but I liked how it was put by someone who saw both The Wrestler and Milk back to back on the Sat night before the ceremony:  “Mickey played a fictional version of himself. Sean acted his ass off to play Harvey Milk.” That description goes along with what Robert Deniro said while introducing Sean as a nominee Sunday night:

“How did he do it?” fellow Oscar winner Robert De Niro wondered in introducing Penn. “How for so many years did he get all those jobs playing straight men?”

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  1. I was sitting her nodding at your whole post. Yes! Exactly. February is such a trial, and she drags on and on…

    I watched some of the Academy Awards, flipping back and forth until the end part, with all the big accolades, and I totally agree. Everyone’s all googly eyed over Hugh Jackman, but I *loved* Jon Stewart’s last stint, and I would have loved to see him host again.

    Sean Penn’s acceptance speech was wonderful and brave, I only wish he’d mentioned his wife there. That must hurt to have him go up there and talk about all these people, and not even give her a nod.

    Everyone’s making so much of the Aniston, Jolie moment- but I don’t think it was a big deal. They both handled it the best they could have under all that pressure.

    Go jen.


  2. I think February is the month we all wake up and realize that it’s a whole different year…yeah, like Mondays!

    I did see all of the nominated movies this year (all the best picture nominees, all the best actor and supporting actor and several fo the best actress and all but one of the supporting actress movies). I was happy with Sean Penn winning but I was rooting for Mickey, just because he probably doesn’t have another movie left in him and Sean has many more. I also thought Frank Langella did a phenomenal job playing Nixon and Richard Jenkins did an superb job in The Visitor, which in my opinion, should have been nominated in the Best Picture category (instead of the very sucky Benjamin Button movie).


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