Weekend Open Thread – Worst Thing Ever!


Love C&H and those irreverent silly faces. Just what is needed to head to the weekend.

For those who follow my twitters, you know the boys tag teamed their stoopid this week tempting me to just leave them to their own devices. They are slowly redeeming themselves by doing chores – some even were done without me asking! So I intend to let them keep digging out of their holes while I putter around the yard a bit since it’s actually *not* supposed to rain!

Meanwhile, the local radio station had a great call in segment this week on The Worst Thing Ever.  Most of the stories were about situations when emails/text messages were sent to the WRONG person, or also some cases of in person foot in mouth disease. You know the classic case of asking a lady when her baby is due only to find out she’s not pregnant? Or one I liked about two guys working construction pointing out not pretty women, but ones they thought were ugly and saying to each other “Dude, there’s your wife!” as a joke. Only to have one guy point a lady out and say that and then the other guys says “Hey! that’s my MOM!” Oooop!

Now, I honestly honestly have not experienced this yet. Yeah, even my with my smart ass mouth has not really had to bite on my foot like that – yet.  So my story is about when it happened to someone else, but, err..I was the one who received the badly routed IM.

What’s the E-version of putting your foot in your mouth anyway?

It happened at work, long long ago in a galaxy far far away (yes, I am trying to conceal identities :-)) and the person in question no longer works here. I was walking back to my desk area and was waylaid by a visitor from another department asking me a work related question. This happened just outside someone else’s (MrX) workspace and I could not really ignore the question. As I was standing there I did notice someone come in to talk to Mr X so I started to step further away so as not to disturb them (because yeah, I know my voice can be loud). I wrapped up my conversation pretty fast anyway and then went back to my desk. About 5 minutes later an IM pops up to me from MrX (given the cubicle situation most of us a work have long been using IM to get quick answers to questions so as not to disturb anyone. Oh the irony). I am editing a bit here, but this is the gist of what I received:

MrX: GOD DAMNIT! fucking tpgoddess. can’t even hold a conversation with Z in my cube without having to overtalk the C**T
MrX: okay, deep breath in and let it out…

Nice eh? I was, of course, pissed for a bit, but then I honestly started giggling. Because he had sent it to ME – the person he was railing about!! I wrote back “Hey, hi – ummm OW?”

And I am sure, at that moment, when he realized what he had done, that it was the Worst Thing Ever for him!

FWIW he very very graciously apologized face to face and we did laugh about it later on, because hey, it was uncomfortable as hell, but also kinda funny 🙂

So tell me dearies – have you done something like this when you felt like it was the Worst Thing Ever?

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  1. I’ve had more bad moments in my life than I care to think about. Like you, I had a coworker do something to me, though.

    She decided to imitate me (in a very not flattering way) to a bunch of other coworkers, not realizing I was standing right behind her. Yeah – that was a tough moment for her, when I confronted her.

    She did apologize. We moved on.

    Another coworker bad-mouthed my boss in an email she sent to one of our male coworkers. It popped up, right as our boss was standing behind him, at his computer, so she read it all.

    My office is full of these moments, as I could go on and on…


  2. One of my advisees, actually one of my more “eager to please” ones came into tell me she was changing her 2nd major from biology to chemistry, so therefore was going to have to pick up an extra chemistry class and was going to have to drop my drugs and behavior class Therefore, she was going to have to take Learning and Behavior the following fall, which she said with the sigh and a rolling of eyes, she had heard was awful and”wasn’t going to be any fun.” I paused a second and then asked her, “You realize I teach that class, don’t you?” Of course, she didn’t; an adjunct had picked it up the previous semester when I was on sabbatical. Her face was a touch red.


  3. I have a weird bad habit. When I want to rant about a co-worker or supervisor, I have a habit of typing that person’s name into the To: section of my e-mail message. 😮

    Ninety-nine percent of the time I catch that mistake, and change the To: box to the name of person I actually want to rant to.

    But, oh, that other 1%! Thankfully, our office’s internal e-mail has the “retract” function. And every time I’ve mistakenly e-mailed a rant to the wrong person, I’ve immediately caught the mistake and retracted before the recipient had a chance to open it – though not without feel terrified for a moment!

    But because of technical glitch, the retract function doesn’t work for one of my supervisors. And I sent a *very* critical rant about her to her own e-mail address one time. She works on another floor and has two office assistants. Right after I sent the message, I called one of her assistants and breathlessly explained my situation. Thankfully, the supervisor wasn’t around. Like a true comrade, the assistant simply went into the supervisor’s office and deleted my message from her computer. I likely would’ve been fired had the supervisor seen the message. Needless to say, I’m indebted to that assistant for life!

    I also erroneously sent a rude message to a member of the public once (retract function doesn’t work outside of our system). I immediately sent an apology. She responded rather angrily – but as far as I know never complained to anyone.

    The best and worst thing about e-mail is that it’s so easy!


  4. IM can be so bad that way. It’s almost like there’s a switch inside us that is trying so hard to not select the person you want to talk about that you subsconciously choose him or her and send off your little gift. Ugh.


  5. Not long ago, I wrote an email to a friend in which I complained about one of my daughters and her latest antics. Unfortunately, my email automatically suggests the addressee and I pushed send too quickly as my friend’s email address begins with the same letter as my daughter’s first name and it sent my email not to my friend but to the very daughter I was complaining about.


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