When TV collides with life: Trump, House of Cards, FBI & CSI Cyber


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And now, on to the main event!

These are the thoughts rattling through my head in recent weeks.

The first, I realized while watching the story about the FBI and Apple unfold that my impression of the whole scenario was being influenced not by any actual knowledge I have, but by the TV shows I watch! As I would read how the FBI needed Apple to create a back door hack into an iPhone that had been used by one of the San Bernadino terrorist attackers, all I could think was “But why? Can’t they just hack it themselves?! They do it ALL THE TIME on CSI Cyber!” You know, just throw the phone at Crummy and he’ll just type away madly on a keyboard for 20 seconds and VOILA! Phone unlocked! That’s all real isn’t it? Seriously I have just been SO unimpressed with the the REAL agents did here – asking the county to change the password and somehow not knowing how to get the backed up data or perhaps even locking themselves out of it? Meanwhile, since it was the guy’s work phone, not his personal one, I seriously doubt there’s anything on it worth having. At this point I am pretty much leaning towards being happy that Apple is standing their ground. Makes me feel pretty good knowing that darn little pass code I have on my phone is so impenetrable!

As an aside, can we talk about how damn awful CSI: Cyber is? I got suckered into watching it since my son and I are addicted to all things CSI and we were feeling major withdrawals when the original one wrapped up. I liked that they transitioned the Ted Danson character over form Vegas to DC, but from the absolutely atrocious episode that aired most recently, it looks like he is now out of there. I swear he probably went to the producers and said “Dear god, please write me out! The writing and acting are pitiful! I don’t need a paycheck this bad!” I mean, CSI: Miami was not anything fabulous either, but at least they seemed to be writing that one with tongue firmly planted in cheek. That’s why the Horatio meme of making a dramatic statement and then sliding on sunglasses is still going strong on the internet! But Cyber has NO CLUE they are bad. They are just…really really bad.

Meanwhile….House of Cards Season 4 dropped. WOW. No spoilers, but I pretty much think I loved this one as much as Season 1. Like most I totally binge watched, though I did spread it out over 3 nights. Here’s the thing though: some of the “Holy shit did they just DO that?” bite was somewhat diminished by what is happening in our very REAL election this year!! Every time I would think “No Presidential candidate could get away with THAT sort of theatrics/scheming etc.”, I would think to myself “Oh yeah. Trump.” That man has broken every single rule of class, decorum, leadership, respectability….whatever you want to call it. At this point I don’t even care what his policies are, I am just stunned at what he says, the vitriol he incites, and now the way his own supporters are behaving at his events. I mean (and this isn’t a spoiler)…there is a segment on House of Cards when an old picture of Frank Underwood’s father standing next to a Grand Master of the KKK is blown up and draped over a billboard in his home state of South Carolina. As always, Frank wiggles out from under what would normally be an End Of Your Campaign moment. But THEN…I immediately flashed to Donald Trump being endorsed by David Duke (he of the modern day KKK/White Supremacy movement). I remembered the many times when he, personally, has re-tweeted statements made by known White Supremacist leaders. Just today there is an NPR story about a family who has never been involved in politics who is now phone banking for Trump. The images show the woman with tattoos on her hands depicting the Hitler 88 symbol and the white supremacy associated star. And is ANY of this sticking to Trump in a negative way to devalue his campaign? He claims he doesn’t know about “any of that” and he simply manages to bluster louder than the people who deign to question him. And does it impact his campaign? Hell, from where I sit it seems to be HELPING him to have latched onto these sorts of voters because damn if he didn’t win a bunch of states again yesterday!

Please take note that in House of Cards, it was about the character’s FATHER’s association with Klansmen. This is directly about the candidate himself. In real life!

I just….really…don’t understand how the GOP 2016 campaign has turned into something LESS shocking than House of Cards! Are we living in a reality TV show?

Please tell me a President Trump would really NOT be worse than a President Underwood?

Just my .02 – I’ll go back to either working or walking now.




These things shouldn’t shock me so much


Yes, the day is finally here! Election day! I am cautiously optimistic that this will happen:


And then I see a random facebook comment (in response to the posting of the photo above) like this:


WTF? And yeah, even sadder – he looks to be wearing a military uniform.


Ignorance is golden isn’t it?

My brain is frozen – I need the election to be over


16 plays Fantasy Football so on the weekends that he is here we spend Sunday obsessively tracking his team while watching the NFL game on Red Zone (switches from game to game only when teams are close to scoring – no commercials!) He plays in two leagues and both his games this week are going to come down to the Monday Night game before they are settled. So, he keeps on whining that  he cannot believe he has to wait for Monday night for the torture to be over.

Then I said “Well, I have to wait until Tuesday night for my torture to end!”

Seriously, I swear my brain is so obsessed with the election that I cannot really think clearly about anything else!

Even though I mailed our ballots two weeks ago, I still love the “sport” of it all so much that I can’t pull away.

Not read my twitter timeline all day long? Impossible! I mean, I can stop for awhile, but then I spend time scanning the earlier tweets to catch up because I cannot MISS anything!

Watch MSNBC as filler in between other shows and football games? Oh hell yeah, even if it is with the volume on low, I need to keep in touch with every minor development!

I joked on Twitter the other day that sometime in the middle of the day Thursday or Friday when the reaction to the results dies down, twitter itself will just go silent out of shear exhaustion.

It will eventually recover and go back to the usual lame memes and jokes and reports of what folks are eating or what people are wearing on TV, but it will just have to STOP for a bit to catch its breath.

I know I will!


Oct 25 – So, wait – what year IS this exactly?


I will apologize ahead of time to my more feint of heart readers but this politically oriented post needs to be on my blog site that gets the most eyeballs.

It turns my stomach to see this graph, but it is important for female voters, and men who support us as equals, to see this:

Courtesy of Brainwrap at Ecletablog who I assume had to down a lot of Tums after putting this together.

All quotes except the last three are from THIS YEAR! 2012! It IS 2012 isn’t it? Not 1952? I’m not entirely sure sometimes. What is notable about the January 2011 quote is that it comes from LEGISLATION voted on in this Congressional session. Co-sponsored by the current Vice Presidential nominee for the GOP ticket.

This is a political party that has been ACTIVELY proposing and passing legislation to curtail not only a woman’s right to choose what happens to her own body, but also to restrict her access to the necessary contraception that could *prevent* unwanted pregnancies AND now is repeatedly stating that there are varying DEGREES of RAPE!

They have accused the media and the left of fabricating the War on Women.

No, no, not really guys. Any woman reading those quotes would be hard pressed to not wonder just how much actual value she has in your eyes.

Ladies – pay attention before you vote – at all levels of government please. Because if you think the feminist movement and women’s equality issues were settled decades ago – you are wrong.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more stuff n fluff and kitty pictures and things – I promise 🙂

Oct 13 – Election nonsense


Never fear, this is not a post on a particular political position – at least not intentionally!! First of all – can anyone see what I found particularly amusing about this portion of my ballot (no, not who got my vote – you all knew who that would be anyway!)

Roseanne Barr???!!! You mean, they were serious about that?!! They actually got on the ballot?!!! Lord….talk about making a joke of the process…….

Another observation – how effective are the old school election advertisements like yard signs and direct mail?

I’m sure everyone is experiencing the daily overflowing mailbox at this point. Heck, I’m lucky to find and rescue the real mail (like my actual ballot) stuffed in between all the shiny over-sized postcards and flyers. At this point I just stop next to my large trash can in my garage and sort the mail with 90% of it going straight into the bin.

What a waste!

It’s so overwhelming that I truly cannot imagine than any undecided voter would bother to sift through and read them to help them make a decision.

Do they?

And yard signs! Does it really matter that I know that the house on the corner is clearly a Republican family? I mean other than advertising that to me, what is the point? They aren’t going to make me change my mind. I don’t think their endorsement carries weight with any undecided voter – does it?

Isn’t it all just more litter?

I know, I have an Obama magnet on my car, and I get that it is my way of showing support. Which is ostensibly the same as a yard sign. It just doesn’t feel as wasteful.

I was reading in the local paper about a rash of yard sign stealing and vandalism. Signs found torn up and thrown in the street or in people’s bushes. This is, unfortunately, not an unusual event in that particular local beach town. Yard sign shenanigans happen every single election no matter what the office or ballot initiative. Heck, the elementary school board elections there get uglier than some national level campaigns!

But because of that I really do have to wonder what the point is of signs? No one seems to like them. Many cities have rules against displaying them anywhere and they end up having to spend time and money going street to street taking them down. Yet somehow every morning the street corners are littered with even more.

I get this feeling that the whole month of October there is a nighttime brigade of city workers removing signs and then campaign operatives following behind them putting up more. Ninja sign gangs 🙂

Of course, I have to admit that when my friend posted this photo on his facebook page, I laughed and laughed. Gotta admit that he’s probably got the sign thieves in his neighborhood pretty much foiled: