My brain is frozen – I need the election to be over

16 plays Fantasy Football so on the weekends that he is here we spend Sunday obsessively tracking his team while watching the NFL game on Red Zone (switches from game to game only when teams are close to scoring – no commercials!) He plays in two leagues and both his games this week are going to come down to the Monday Night game before they are settled. So, he keeps on whining that  he cannot believe he has to wait for Monday night for the torture to be over.

Then I said “Well, I have to wait until Tuesday night for my torture to end!”

Seriously, I swear my brain is so obsessed with the election that I cannot really think clearly about anything else!

Even though I mailed our ballots two weeks ago, I still love the “sport” of it all so much that I can’t pull away.

Not read my twitter timeline all day long? Impossible! I mean, I can stop for awhile, but then I spend time scanning the earlier tweets to catch up because I cannot MISS anything!

Watch MSNBC as filler in between other shows and football games? Oh hell yeah, even if it is with the volume on low, I need to keep in touch with every minor development!

I joked on Twitter the other day that sometime in the middle of the day Thursday or Friday when the reaction to the results dies down, twitter itself will just go silent out of shear exhaustion.

It will eventually recover and go back to the usual lame memes and jokes and reports of what folks are eating or what people are wearing on TV, but it will just have to STOP for a bit to catch its breath.

I know I will!


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