Enough Ranting – here’s some sunshine for you

Before I lose my status as Little Miss Sunshine, here are a few things from the last couple of weeks that made me smile:

  • Spring has sprung! It’s warm enough to open windows and with the star jasmine in full bloom the whole house ends up smelling just fabulous! Stepping into the backyard to water the plants or re-fill the bottomless pit that is the bird feeder is an olfactory version of heaven right now.
  • SportsBoy & I did enjoy being around our old pop warner friends on Saturday. We are particularly happy that we do *not* have to participate in any of the usual team formation drama. He knows exactly where he will be next fall & I am not responsible for voting on coaches or rosters. Yay!!
  • Less than 30 days (April 13th) to Glee!!!
  • New Saturday trainer. I was scared about the switch. I was so happy & comfortable with the previous guy & my two previous classes last year with the new guy were *intense* and I had not been able to crack through his crusty exterior. He’s still a ton harder than the previous guy, but I’ve now seen his softer side and gotten his sense of humor to spring out so I am at least having fun while I feel like my lungs are going to burst. Seriously – if you live in San Diego you cannot beat this deal! $10 per one hour workout with a group that hovers between 5-10 other people. I know a few people who still belong to a gym, but come and train with us at least one class per week (which is all I have time to do).  And yes, I said it was tough – BUT – they also do a great job catering to different abilities. I’ve been at it for almost a year now so I deserve some ass kicking. They will gladly assist with a gentle transition from couch potato status. Contact them here. You will NOT regret it. And if you come to the Saturday class you can watch me trip over myself & utterly fail at jump rope.
  • New high schools that opened in the past 10 years make me very happy. We went last night for the first mandatory meeting for incoming freshman registration at SB’s school of choice. Which also happens to be where his brother went 11 years ago. Back then, I remember the gym being overflowing with people. Jammed to the rafters, shoulder to shoulder on the benches, standing in all available areas. I think the incoming freshman class was well over 1000. Last night, the gym was quite comfortably *maybe* 2/3 full. The principal said the incoming class would probably land at around 600-650. Meanwhile, instead of portable buildings, there is now a beautiful new two story building of classrooms. Since 2000, one public high school and one private have opened in the area. Which makes this current version seem so much smaller & easier to navigate. That, and everything being on the internet!  All forms are online, the counselors have a great web site & are easily accessible via email. Night & day for a parent I tell ya!
  • I actually sat through all of American Idol last night AND a couple of the gals made me sit up and pay attention and a couple others were quite pleasant. And no one completely stunk! My favorites are Siobhan & Crystal. The girls really should come out ahead this season. No guy was a stand out in my eyes at all. *Maybe* 16 year old Aaron who has a very nice voice. But those two girls really owned the stage & were original with really strong vocals. I’m not invested enough to care who gets the boot, but I may at least watch the performances after they record on the DVR.
  • Finally – two authors I’ve enjoyed. Robert Ludlum who I know is well known for his International Espionage type novels. Well written, not too complicated that you lose track of things as they twist around and an overall sense that the hero is firmly in control. I like that. I mean, in general you KNOW the good guys will prevail, but I like that it’s pretty clear in Ludlum’s books that they are never totally in the dark out of control. Just my preference. A pleasant surprise has been Janet Evanovich. I’m reading out of order since this is book #6 in the Stephanie Plum series (I do have #7 to read right after) but this is the first of her books I am picking up. I *will* go back and read the others! This girl has me laughing out loud constantly! Stephanie is seriously the funniest heroine I’ve ever met in a book. I’m not even done & I know I will read all the rest next year. If you haven’t already picked up one of her books – do it now. It will be nothing but snort out loud fun, I promise.

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