Fearless 5K race – we did it!


Pre-race coaching

Beautiful morning along the bay

Yes, people raced in Halloween costumes. I paced myself with Superman and Batgirl

Cheerleaders taking a break while I slaved away 🙂

Still smiling half way through

Coming in for the finish - notice the cowbell. That's head cheerleader Alex.

I finished in 30:36 with a pace of 9:52 – which is well under my goal of 33mins – I broke the 10:00 mile pace! Wahoo!!

45 mins after my wave – Alex and I traded places:

It's easy to look so fresh at the start

Hmm...is he looking tired?

OK...maybe not...darn kids.....

OK, NOW he really does look rough - turns out he was about to barf.....which he thankfully did OFF camera around a corner - while still running.

A little lighter now - he sprints to the finish.

YES! He's TIRED! Makes his dad and I feel a little better anyhow.

Alex didn’t quite meet his goal of a sub-20minute run. But considering he stopped to throw up at around the 3 mile mark and has not run this distance since the Spring Sprint triathlon (when he ran the same course in 25 minutes after swimming and biking) – his time of 21.03 was still pretty awesome. That’s a 6:47 pace. Boggles MY mind and body! And, he finished 2nd in his age group only 20 second behind the winner


The Leg Up Team

Coach Tanja towers over us in many ways – she’s the reason I even got off the sofa and started working out. She graciously took on the challenge of a teenager in her circuit training classes and then she, Matt (not pictured), Renee and Evangeline have supported him with coaching, hand me down equipment and overall encouragement. Renee and Eve took on an even bigger task – when I expressed a crack in my armor of running loathing – they jumped right in and gently walked me through getting myself into running. They took me out on their training runs and patiently let me jog at my own pace and build up distance and then speed. Without the support of all four of them – yes, I count Alex in for pushing me even though there is no way in hell I can *compete* with him – I could not legitimately call myself a runner.

And tomorrow? I have an even bigger challenge – I have to take pictures and cheer on all of THEM in the triathlon event. Pretty sure I’m going to be DONE around 10am tomorrow.

Final stats:

My weekend in low quality iphone pics


After lugging around a very NICE camera in Minneapolis and taking lots of pictures there, I was feeling decidedly unenthusiastic about photo taking this weekend so I left my semi-decent digital at home and mentally shut down my photo taking part of my brain. Which naturally means there will be photo ops galore, right? Yeah…oh well.

Saturday was all day passing league event for SportsBoy and his JV football team. I thought it would all be in a stadium setting meaning way too far away for my little camera to capture anything decent, but of course the first two games were played on a back field where I *could* have had some close up shots. Instead, I captured the team at rest once those first two games were done:

You can't see SB in this one, but I love the sun beams

There he is!

They ended up coming in 2nd place in the round robin event that had about 20+ teams from all the local high schools. SB caught 5 passes, 4 for touchdowns (it was touch football, passing lays only with defensive players). Two in his typical dramatic “will he catch it or wont he?” style complete with one spectacular tumbling bouncing off the turf fall. Even without pads the kid plays as if he is pinball!

So that was all day Saturday in the hot son out in east county.

Sunday I was up at 4:15 to perfect my role as LegUp Head Cheerleader as Renee launched her triathlon race career with a damn impressive second place finish in her age group. First time out! She’s clearly a natural.

The two R's pulling on their wetsuits. Not so easy.

Sometimes it helps if you do a little dance while getting assistance 🙂

Ready to rock n roll!

Swim over - running to hop on the bike. One mouthful of deisel fuel consumed (ew)

At this point thanks to this race course, Eve and I couldn’t see anything but the finish. Eve did her run for the day following the same four mile run route the racers would take. I hopped on a shuttle 🙂 I *would* have run but since I am still new to the whole thing most likely I would not have been able to go fast enough to be there to see Coach Tanja finish. Or even Renee for that matter! It would have been close anyway. As it is, Tanja passed up Eve. Since Eve wasn’t racing she had her phone with her and got this pretty cool shot:

Tanja had no idea - supreme focus!

Renee heading for the finish line

Podium gals - Renee in 2nd, Tanja (of course) 1st in her age group.

Phone quality difference – this last one was taken with an iPhone 4 vs my 3GS – way better camera on the newer ones!

The teams - racers + cheerleaders

So now you can see why I still haven’t finished writing up my NN11 experience. I should be catching up this weekend since its a long one. And figuring out how I can upgrade my phone 🙂