Cancer is not a game, and neither is sports anymore

This has been eviction week #2 which meant outpatient surgery to remove two perfectly round 2cm sized fibroids that were benign but excruciatingly annoying as hell for the last few months. While it was a very easy procedure, it does mean that I am spending a lot of time just lounging around and reading a lot. As... Continue Reading →

Dear Constitution

Sigh - here we go misinterpreting you again! Yet another public figure says something incredibly stupid, his/her employer punishes him/her and people react by yelling about the First Amendment and the rights to free speech. Uh - WRONG! When did people start confusing the rights of CONGRESS to enact laws with the rights of EMPLOYERS to discipline employees? Let's... Continue Reading →

My favorite stories about the Susan G. Komen foundation – can they recover?

Unless you have been away from just about every possible media source the last 3 days, you have probably heard about the utter public relations fail of  the Susan G Komen foundation. At best, they have naively applied an entirely NEW criteria for grant funding to various Planned Parenthood clinics around the country essentially blocking... Continue Reading →

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