Friday Beauty – Mood Reflection


It's been an abstract kind of week

Not a bad week. But certainly a weird, out of focus week. So there is color, because it’s very pretty all around me. Twinkly lights are everywhere. At work. Inside & outside my house. On web pages & avatars – the holidays are in full swing.!  But a sinus headache day on Tuesday threw off my sleep patterns enough that then Wednesday night I totally forgot to set my alarm & I slept in yesterday and consequently had to rush out the door to work and…aack! Any clarity of mind I might have recovered on Wednesday was pretty much shot to hell yesterday. Finally started to feel less foggy last night when I went to watch the high school varsity football team play in their semi-final playoff game. The chilly air and excitement of the game and the people watching in the crowd perked me back up. Unfortunately they lost, but it sure was fun this year getting back into the swing of Friday Night Lights.

I guess my week was a microcosm of life eh? Ebbs & flows. Wavy ups and downs and times when it feels like you are just along for the ride alternating with times when you might have some control.

And that ever challenging point of having the wisdom to know the difference 🙂

Friday beauty + bonus Big Cat video!


Is there anything more adorable that Big Cats acting like baby kitties?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

My favorite painting at the Art Institute of Chicago:


Georges Seurat - A Sunday on La Grande Jatte - 1884

I love to first go up as close as possible to see the dots.  Seurat was using a technique called pointillism. Dots of pure color are used to create the larger images. Then I slowly step backwards and let my eyes adjust as the dots blend together. Mesmerizing!

The thankful list + paintings


  1. Family – though scattered around today, all are healthy and happy and safe
  2. A good man – hard to find and harder to hold onto, but I’ve managed it for another year 😉
  3. Friends – local and scattered, August moms, C&Jers, MTers, and bloggy types.
  4. My kitties – purr babies spreading fur and love every day.
  5. Insurance settlements – oh yeah.
  6. A secure job – double oh yeah these days.
  7. Twitter and facebook and texting and email keeping me connected to my scattered friends.
  8. This blog for providing a dumping ground for my thoughts and for inspiring me to express myself differently and to look at everyday events with a new eye.
  9. Finally finding something to hang on my red wall:



And yeah, the next project on the list is replacing that ugly 80s style hanging stairway light.

My day of beauty.


The last personality quiz showed me to be very visual. One line in particular struck me:”You love to be surrounded by beauty – natural or not.” Beauty is subjective of course, but the quiz is also correct in stating that I can picture what I want in my mind pretty clearly. When I moved into my house 5 years ago, it was a blank canvas of utter and complete white. Walls, flooring and carpet. For some, white is beautiful. Clean, crisp, pure. Not me. I need rich, deep colorful earth tones. And as I changed the interior of the house to match what I wanted to see every night when I came home, the need to be surrounded by that beauty struck me. Yes, that is what sooths me. The sight of those colors or a particular shape or design. Which is why I particularly love the fall as I pull out all of those colors with candles and vases and silk flowers. I even change my computer and phone settings so that they have fall themes. I took a day off for myself yesterday and part of it was spent pulling out the fall decor. Yes, I should have taken a picture, but I forgot. Yes, I realize that being visual you would think I would love photography….but *that* requires too much patience 🙂

Before doing that, I took a trip to the San Diego Museum of Art. My first one! Which is kind of sad since I’ve been to the art museum in Portland Maine, and been to the Art Institute of Chicago twice. Yet I had not visited my local museum. You know how it goes, you only think of those things when you are traveling and then once you get home you get all consumed with your everyday life and forget to explore what is right around the corner. But I was drawn by a summer only exhibit of a collection featuring Georgia O’Keefe. My favorite of the ones I saw? Autum Leaves of course:

It was a lovely day of beauty.