The thankful list + paintings

  1. Family – though scattered around today, all are healthy and happy and safe
  2. A good man – hard to find and harder to hold onto, but I’ve managed it for another year 😉
  3. Friends – local and scattered, August moms, C&Jers, MTers, and bloggy types.
  4. My kitties – purr babies spreading fur and love every day.
  5. Insurance settlements – oh yeah.
  6. A secure job – double oh yeah these days.
  7. Twitter and facebook and texting and email keeping me connected to my scattered friends.
  8. This blog for providing a dumping ground for my thoughts and for inspiring me to express myself differently and to look at everyday events with a new eye.
  9. Finally finding something to hang on my red wall:



And yeah, the next project on the list is replacing that ugly 80s style hanging stairway light.

10 thoughts on “The thankful list + paintings

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family. Check out my helpful guide for the holiday…thanks. It’s been a rough Year for many, I hope you enjoy it just as much.

    It’s a time to remember about giving and giving back. To be thankful for all that you have, and to remember those worse off, and those who did not make it to see another Thanksgiving. And, to look forward to next Year’s Thanksgiving as well.

    Also, if you browse around I have a post there on Barrack that you may enjoy. 😆


  2. I wish coming to my home back in September would have worked for the reunion. I swear that my kitchen is that same red color! Oh well, next time you’re up here, stop by and tell me. 😉


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