Let the decorating begin

Or, as you can tell from the change in the header image here – let it continue!

Major changes in the decorations this year. The tree has to move to a new spot thanks to the piano. Which means that the mantel is now a more stand alone project rather than being a compliment to the tree. So I am changing things up and using much more color on it as you can see. However, it is always an ever evolving scene. What you see up there is the first draft thrown together yesterday with whatever I have in the house at the moment. The tree is also up in it’s new corner and I will leave it without ornaments for a couple of days like last year to let the cats adjust. I needs a new star topper too. I also realized that the piano will need to be done. The tree is in the left (back) corner of the room, the mantle is not exactly center – right center more – but it means that the right (front) wall will need something to balance out the room. So I am taking down the family photos that currently sit atop it and will work on a lighted display there. My mom used to put up her Christmas village there. I don’t want that kind of thing necessarily, but I will incorporate lights. So I am off for some Black Friday shopping, just not the kind you would think.

  1. Hardware store for a new furnace filter (as advised by the SDG&E tech who came by Wednesday to inspect the furnace) and to browse for decorations/lights (LED only)
  2. PO box store to ship the old printer back to Dell for recycling – how cool is that? They pay to ship the old one back to them! The new one is awesome. Smaller on the desk and *wireless* so that I can print from my laptop! Love it.
  3. Donation center to drop off books I cleared off my bookshelf.
  4. Bath and Body Works for some holiday candle shopping with a coupon that I have.
  5. Wander around other stores in the center in general looking for decorating ideas.
  6. Barnes & Noble for books for SportsBoy (the one gift item!)
  7. Rite Aid because I need hair spray (wee)

The goal today is to get the indoors done . Might also get outside to start prepping the yard for lights. Rake some leaves and trim a few bushes. As long as the rain has sotpped anyway. Yes, we’ve had actually water falling out of the sky the last two days. So odd.

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