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Heh – I rhymed! I’m so pooped. Sore sore sore. Yesterday in the yard kicked my butt. I filled up all three yard waste bins to the brim with trimmings and weeds and I was not done. The front hill still needs to be edged to uncover the red brick wall that does truly exist there. But I had to stop and get going on putting up the lights along the roof line and in the back yard. Then this arrived and I had to put it together:


A laptop workstation – finally! It was a bear to put together though. Made my already sore arms and hands even worse after the day in the yard. Oh well, it’s worth it. I’m much more comfortable with this setup. The height is adjustable and the larger piece tilts.

So here is the inside view from the birdge above to get an idea of the layout:


I’m looking for another strand of LED lights that are the warm white for the piano since the one I grabbed was the bright bluish which is fine for outside but I prefer the warmer color for indoors. That requires another trip to the store and did I mention that I’m pooped?



Notice the cats stockings hanging from the fireplace tools 🙂 This is switched up a bit from the original after I went to Bath and Body Works and raided this year’s holiday candle supply. The snowman and penguin on the piano came from there too. The last few years the mantle has been silver and gold since it was right next to the tree which had plenty of color on it and so I kept it more muted. But now that it stands alone I went with color…and I just happened to have that red vase that SweetPrince brought me with some V-Day roses last year. The perfect anchor!


The star on top is an LED that changes colors. Pretty new-agey cool eh? I’m still getting used to it being on that side of the room and I was afraid it would look too cramped, but really I like how it warms up a corner of the room that is normally forgotten.


Yay! 5 days of cleaning, decorating, shopping, decorating some more, cleaning some more, and maybe a nap or two and one really fun birthday party last night and the Thanksgiving weekend is over. And somehow November is too! How the hell did that happen? Don’t blink people. Wooosh!

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  1. Wow, it all looks great! Wanna clean and decorate my place? All while needling your way through the running and crawling baby maze? It’ll be so much fun…such fun that I’ll put it off for at least another week. Bluck.

    Nice touch adding the festive mantle as your banner.

    Well, I gotta decorate the bloggy-home too dontcha know. 😉


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