His tie? Really?

First of all I want to thank everyone who visits because last month was a record breaker – 3093!! Which for many of those I read is a mere pittance, but for me HUGE! The closest before that had been just over 2400 so thanks to all who click over here regularly. Thanks also to Google for sending over everyone who searches on “Couch Potato” and “Obama’s Grandma”  – boring perhaps when compared to some of my friends with much more ‘interesting’ search term hits!!

I’ve already admitted my post-election addiction to Politico44 the new page on Politico which provides “A Living Diary of the Obama Presidency” as they put it. It’s been a good way to wean off of all things election and polls and such. It’s also something I follow with a great deal of humor as I do see the ridiculousness in it all. In fact, it’s a bit of a joke around the house as I will ask SportsBoy if he knows where Obama is NOW…and he looks at the little time line on the right side to tell me he is at the gym 🙂  But hey, the media needs something to do too eh? So they provide with this voyeuristic tool and we enjoy – tongue in cheek most of the time.

Today though..well…this article is just utterly embarrassing! Here is a snippet:

Monday was a big day for President-elect Barack Obama, with a major TV appearance scheduled to introduce his six-member national security team, including one of the biggest political rivals of his career.

So when he dressed in the morning, he put on a special tie.

Seriously? A journalist person wrote a piece about ties?? Nice. Our vaunted media at work! I love the third comment in the posting:

how much time did you spend researching this drivel?


5 thoughts on “His tie? Really?

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  1. ties. a freudian would have a field day with that.

    in other news, i’m glad nablopomo is done so i can go back to reading other people’s blogs more regularly, like yours 🙂


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