He’s Baaaack!


With more hair than usual AND he claims he wants to keep it! Just wants a trim to clean up the ears, but he is actually NOT demanding requesting a #1 buzz cut. We’ll see how long it lasts after a few football practices with a helmet. Though, I must say, its been a totally odd summer so far. He actually LEFT triple digit heat in Sweden and returned to a very mild (so far) summer here. It’s been June Gloom all through July and even though the sun burns through on the coast by about 10am, the clouds roll back in by 6pm or so and the temps barely get into the mid-70s. Nothing at all like the last two years when he returned to start football practice during our worst heat waves. So, maybe he will be able to keep the hair longer than I think. He weighed 88lbs on my scale here tonight – Coach wanted him at 90 so that’s not bad. Of course, he will probably lose a couple during the first weeks of practice but it’s a better starting point than the 83 he weighed in at in May.

I’m staying home with him the next couple of days since I always feel bad putting him at the B&G Club right after he returns. I like to give him a couple of days to re-adjust first. Plus, hello! – I want to hang out with him!! We have to spend a couple more hours at the football equipment shed for a makeup time slot. Works for me since he never got measured for his helmet and pads and his coach will be there to fit him. We’ll clean out his clothes in his room and take inventory of needed items, shop and get his hair cut. Well, as long as he wakes up that is! He could barely keep his eyes open until 8:30 last night. Apparently he tried to force himself back onto PST by staying up super late and then only sleeping about 5 hours while he travelled. He did that the last two years and it worked – I don’t think he’s ever had jet lag from this trip and I remember having boatloads of it particularly returning back here. But then, he is a bit younger…

Oh, and the shot of him eating dinner is to satisfy the NaBloPoMo gods so that my final post for July actually has a shot of food in it 😉

Product endoresements


First, a food source (Hey, I haven’t done TOO badly on the food theme for the month!): Eat Well Guide.

During the audience question and answer session with Al Gore in Austin, FoodGal was lucky enough to ask a question about beef. Specifically whether he was aware that the beef industry is actually the biggest contributor to green house gases thanks to feeding all our cattle corn products which causes them to procude methane in large quantities. In laymans terms – corn makes cows fart. A LOT. It’s not a natural food for their stomachs to process. They are supposed to eat grain. Her point of course, is that it is time to publicize that. Stop selling the idea that corn fed beef is a premium product because it is not. What I love about FoodGal is that she is not a militant vegetarian. She’s made her own choices, but she is also always looking out for ways that everyone else can eat healthier, locally, and supporting sustainable products. Of course, her question got the laugh line answer of the day since Gore answered quite honestly that he was aware of it and that he clearly wasn’t doing much to work on that issue since he eats beef 😉 She then wrote a follow up editorial to him about how her point was not that he should stop eating it, just that he should focus on eating beef that is grain fed and from sustainable farms. She and I discussed this quite a bit on the plane ride home and then I asked her how I could find places that seel grain fed meat. Ta da! She directed me to The Eat Well Website. Put in your zip code and search on all sorts of food sources. Grocery stores, farmers markets, restaurants etc. I found out that Henry’s markets are on there. So is Jimbos which is just around the corner, but I don’t have an employee discount card for them! So my goal this month with SportsBoy back is to track my grocery budget with a combination of the Dream Dinners (not necessarily from organic/sustainable suppliers 😦 ) and Henry’s only.

On the subject off environmentally (green) products, here is another one. Nail polish with a consience. I went to Longs and bought some and then donated my other personal polish bottles to the gal who does my nails because I want to stick with this brand only.

Just as a background for those who have only been reading my site in the past year – my roots in environmental issues were set early on. My interest in bird watching sparked my awareness of preserving natural resources and a college paper that I wrote on Rachel Carson’s book Silent Spring really cemented that desire to support preservation efforts. As FoodGal and I discussed, environmental issues go hand in hand with the food industry and it is our hope that the “mainstreaming” of organic food products will bring issues like grain fed vs corn fed beef to light. Anytime I run into a debate about Global Warming, rather than stubbornly argue the issue of whether humans are to blame or not, I stress that the point is that finding alternative energy sources, encouraging the reduction of waste or using less products that create waste (grocery bags for instance), buying organic foods, cutting back on electricty and water use are all GOOD things no matter WHY you do them.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! 6:00pm tomorrow! It’s only a daaaay. Aaaaawaaaaay! (apologies for the earworm, but you knew I had to do it)

Move 2008 – Week 30


My 4lb hand weights. I’ve had them for AGES. I honestly have no idea when I got them – pre Sportsboy I think! But this is the first year that they have gotten regular use. If I keep this up, I may graduate to 5 lbs weights! I upped the reps I do and added some different moves so that I am up to 200 reps each time. Aerobics has been all walking during the day as I’ve had no chance to pedal. I have not really met that goal this week, but I did walk 4 of the 5 days at work. Clearly I enjoy working out my arms more 🙂

Short and sweet as it is another day of football equipment pick up. Practice starts Friday! Sportsboy comes home Wednesday! 3 more days! 3 more days!

Next to last July dream dinner


Hawaiian Chicken. This dish was all inclusive – I added nothing. Well, OK, I felt like having edamame too 🙂 The sauce included black beans, pineapple, green onions, red peppers and garlic in a chicken broth base. Quite good.

I took the plunge and ordered up a bunch of food from the August menu. Unfortuantely the first opening was not until 8/6, but I will live 🙂 Lots of good looking meals though! Even better than July IMHO as far as appealing to SportsBoy too. I am going to run a comparison between May and August as far as what I spend on food to see if this is really as good of a deal as I think it is. Of course I shall report back here 🙂

This week in politics – so (not) proud of SD Representatives!


Before I do something that I said I would not do (ahem, it’s a political topic, going back on my word is not inconsistent with the topic!), I must address the week’s big events. Well, really just one Big Event. The most over hyped overseas trip by a presidential candidate EVER! Now, let’s be real here – it’s kind of all John McCain’s fault that this trip by Obama was Big News. After all, McCain challenged him to the point of even putting up a countdown clock on his campaign sign counting UP how many days had passed since Obama’s last trip to the middle east. The media covered the topic quite a bit when that countdown clock went up – I mean, I know about the clock not because I was on McCain’s site, but because I saw it covered on the news! So, really, he asked for it. He’s also been attacking Obama on the foreign policy inexperience (as he should since it is initially Obama’s weakest point) so of course the media had to cover what is Obama’s biggest opportunity for a counter point. Though I am not sure they needed to send all three major network anchors!! Hello! The sitting president doesn’t even rate that (of course personally I am glad he doesn’t but since he embarasses me but hey, I am trying to be fair here and the contrast is rather stark). I think they were all just salivating over SOMETHING to do since it’s been pretty boring since Clinton dropped out. Until the VP announcements drop – which has to be before the Olympics start on 8/8, there is really nothing new that is going to happen before the conventions. I think they were dying for ratings in July and this was their one shot 🙂

As an aside here, hey, my conservative friends, can we talk frankly? Is McCain’s campaign about *the* worst run one since Kerry? Seriously, I *like* McCain for the most part – wouldn’t vote for him since I disagree with so much that he has suddenly decided to stand for, but I’ve always genuinely liked him. But seriously, the people running his campaign are making him look like possibly a bigger boob than Bush! In fact, this clip from Jon Stewart’s Wednesday night show pretty much says it all about the week in Obama vs McCain.

Compare/contrast what the candidates are doing!

OK, that aside since Jon did a perfect job of making fun of the whole thing….now I turn to bashing a Republican. I know, I said I wouldn’t, but…..ARGH! The San Diego GOP reps are such a bunch of…well…let’s just say that my 50th district representative Brian Bilbray is the *best* of the bunch! Mostly because he’s managed to just be quiet and not insert foot into mouth (something the congressman he replaced, Duke Cunningham, was quite famous for along with the small matter of taking bribes, but I digress) We have Darrell Issa who recently rather callously turned a resolution to honor the recently desceased Tim Russert into a speech about offshore drilling. Yeesh. Now there are reports of Duncan Hunter, former presidential candidate, looking into doing a little big game hunting in Africa. Illegal big game hunting. Oh, but it’s ok, it was for a good cause! He was offering to donate the meat from the animals he killed to feed refugees! Oh, such a generous heart! Yeah, thankfully, the nation of Chad declined his request. LorDY! One would think that, even though he is retiring this year, he would at least maintain some decorum since his son is running to replace him. Not that it matters since he lives in a very safely GOP district. Let’s hope the apple fell a little farther from the tree than the name (Duncan Huneter Jr) implies. So, c’mon people! Stop embarassing the lower left corner of the states!! Duke Cunningham did enough of that to last decades. The rest of you just shush!