The wall

I guess it’s not bad that it took me until the 23rd of the month to hit a posting wall. Well, it’s not just a posting wall really, it’s just a wall in general. Vacation is awesome, but then you come home to things that piled up while you were gone. Newspapers, recorded shows, other people’s blogs. I feel so obligated to chip away at those each night that my suitcase still sits unpacked on the floor. I almost *need* something pressing at work to keep me focused because otherwise I totally have post-vacation brain fade. What? I’m supposed to be posting entries and preparing audit reports? Not reading blogs and playing in C&J and tweeting? Oh……

Speaking of tweeting – boy did we Twitter in Austin!! I recruited a bunch of people and it was an awesome way to keep the group informed with just one text message about where were gathering. Also a great (SILENT) way to exchange commentary on speakers/presenters without *annoying the piss* out of everyone around you! I think the only reason I did not smack the one guy upside his head is because my hands were too busy pounding out tweets on my phone!!

Then there is the SportsBoy wall. We are in the final countdown – one week until he comes home. One loooooong week. He just popped in to chat with me and he’s still with his grandma and will be there until the 28th when he heads back to Stockholm. He called me once when I was in Austin. But that’s just not cutting it anymore.  And what will I be doing on my last weekend of freedom? Why, working both days at the pop warner storage shed helping them hand out football equipment. Oh yippee. Wall. Head. Ouch.

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