Race ya to the pot o’ gold!


Tuesday morning I opened my garage door and saw this:

My drive in to work then unfolded like this as that ominous dark cloud started spitting out the water it held:

It kinda looked like we were going to head right for the base of the rainbow, right?

It was a few days past St Paddy’s, but I was ready to meet that Leprechaun!

Here we go! (The guy in the car in front was also holding up his phone and snapping pics at this red light!)

Rain was really starting to come down. Getting harder to snap shots in between wiper blades 🙂

I love how bright it is to the right of the inside leg of the double rainbow. Such a contrast. And really, what an awesome show of nature eh? A little sunshine, a little water and voila! A gorgeous display of shape & color. Science!

Oooh – hey, that darn thing is *moving*! Why isn’t it in front of us any more? Why does it seem to be moving off into the distance with us?

Now it’s fading as the clouds behind me engulf the sun….and just like that, visions of leprechauns and pots o’ gold vanish away with it.

As the saying goes: So close and yet so far.

(I apologize in advance for the ear worm I may have just created)


So what kind of camera was that?


Here is the original photo that I cropped to use as my summertime header. I also have it as the background on my computer. And on my Blackberry. I was so pleased with color hues from the angle of the sun and the many textures with the flowers, pelicans, sea wall, rocks and churning ocean. This was taken a little before sunset in La Jolla a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to remember to carry my camera (and keep the battery charged) around in my purse. Of course, on this day, it was not in there. This really lovely shot was taken with……..my blackberry!! Scary huh? Actually, some of my best shots the last few months are from the phone.

However, at 6th grade graduation tomorrow I will bring the camera. For sure. I know how to not forget it! I’ll wrap it in the tissues I will need!!!

Wake me up Wednesday!


First of all, a great link to save as this primary process keeps going that is constantly updated:

Delegate counts.

McCain is pulling away and look how tight the Dem race is!! Post-game analysis today is heavily pointing to Obama coming out ahead because of the money he has raised and because of the upcoming states that will vote this weekend. Suddenly those four (Louisiana, Nebrasks, Washington & Maine) become critical. How cool is that? You they were at first not please with all the states pushing up their primaries creating this Super Tuesday event which could easily have rendered the primaries for the later states a moot event. But now? Hah! It’s the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl baby and the score is TIED! The spotlight is now firmly on those states staggering in later than the rest. Good for them. Voter turnout was again higher than previous years yesterday.

On the way home (from work, not the all night meeting!) last night there was a handful of Obama volunteers on a street corner waving signs. No other campaign had that in my area. There was a boy who looked to be SB’s age out there with his mom. Awesome!  That is all the political analysis I can muster up today.

My dad continues to do well. He’s been out of ICU since Monday night and is now focusing on rebuilding his strength and get back into a normal day/night routine. He spends the day in a chair rather than a bed and the nurses get him up to shower and walk around the floor. All is still going well and he could go home as early as Friday. I’ll be heading out there with MM again tonight since I couldn’t go last night, but I wont hang out that long since I am a tad wiped out. I think SB and his dad will be out there tonight as well.

Kudos to the Tri City Medical Center in Oceanside. That place has been fabulous all around.

And now, some random bird pictures to liven things up:


Green kingfisher. I just love kingfishers. They come in a huge range of sizes and look kinda goofy with their bills longer than their heads, but their plummage is so gorgeous! Here’s is an awesome action shot of the Common Kingfisher:


Nothing “common” about this bird in my opinion!

And a repeat – because it makes me giggle and kinda shows how I feel today:


Picture blogging


I know, November is over and I don’t *have* to post today. But, it’s a habit now! All day my fingers have itched and it’s nagged at me that I need to post. Guess it will take a couple of days for that to wear off. Still, I would have posted these pics anyway since I always want documentations of my decorations once they are done so that I can refer to them in future years for reminders of where things go. I finished the tree today so the inside is complete and all boxes returned to their home in the garage. Full view of the living room (with bonus sleeping cat in view):


Focus on fireplace:


Focus on tree with all non-breakable ornaments hung without hooks (thank you RamblingMom)


CSM, I know you will ask where the ornament is – see the angel on the wall to the right? She is looking down on it but it is not quite visible from this angle. I thought that the two things that came from Polisigh should be near each other 🙂

Mrs Griswold, I presume.


With a break for lunch, transporting Sportsboy to and from practice and then to a friend’s for a sleepover, and dinner, these pictures show what I have done from 10:00am until 9:30pm today:







Weak attempt at night photo:


Inside – tree and mantle in beginning stages. Amber is at that moment more intrigued by her cat condo having been moved to a new spot:


Just one more of Amber – how to distract her from the tree? Give her a catnip shower and watch her eyes buzz!


This day was almost a case of “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” at least until about 3:30pm. First I had to do some pruning of plants to clear things up for the lights. In the process I inevitably received a nice thumb poke from the thorn which still hurts like crazy. Light strands already hung would burn a fuse or half of the strand would go out or I would find out the connector end didn’t work or didn’t fit with the next one I wanted to connect. With the outdoor light displays I usually lay them out first and then find proper ways to get the extension chords to them and no matter how many times I do this, I realize I need another chord or splitter or…something! Still, only one trip to the store to get a replacement box of snowflake lights for over the garage and otherwise I made do with what I already had. Not that I am done. No way. I want twinkling colored lights over the front hill bushes and some rope lights on the side palms like I have on the front one. Inside my strategy is to let the cats get used to the tree just as it is with lights only. Same with the mantle and stockings. Luckily it is an artificial tree so there is no nice wood trunk for them to use to climb up. So far, they just like to sit under it and sniff away. Baby steps with the inside. I can take my time. It was the outside that I really wanted done this weekend and it largely is completed. Timers are set. Neighbors have already commented 🙂 The guy across the street asked if there was a cure for my addiction. I told him not that I knew of, not even my electric bill!!! Shoot, the backyard colored icicle style roof lights around my patio and roof line total 900 alone. There’s a crap load of lights out there! I am waiting for the little boy two doors up to come around. He is the biggest fan of my lights. I proudly wear the title of Mrs Griswold on the block.