Race ya to the pot o’ gold!

Tuesday morning I opened my garage door and saw this:

My drive in to work then unfolded like this as that ominous dark cloud started spitting out the water it held:

It kinda looked like we were going to head right for the base of the rainbow, right?

It was a few days past St Paddy’s, but I was ready to meet that Leprechaun!

Here we go! (The guy in the car in front was also holding up his phone and snapping pics at this red light!)

Rain was really starting to come down. Getting harder to snap shots in between wiper blades 🙂

I love how bright it is to the right of the inside leg of the double rainbow. Such a contrast. And really, what an awesome show of nature eh? A little sunshine, a little water and voila! A gorgeous display of shape & color. Science!

Oooh – hey, that darn thing is *moving*! Why isn’t it in front of us any more? Why does it seem to be moving off into the distance with us?

Now it’s fading as the clouds behind me engulf the sun….and just like that, visions of leprechauns and pots o’ gold vanish away with it.

As the saying goes: So close and yet so far.

(I apologize in advance for the ear worm I may have just created)


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