Still alive. Told ya I wouldn’t have time/inspiration to post anything for awhile!

My much beloved workout group will be no more after this month.  April would have been two years with them.  The last year I’ve been really good about keeping up (especially since I started bringing SB with me) and since Jan we’ve been maniacs going to all three workouts each week. The trainer just doesn’t want to keep missing the time with her own kids (She’s a divorced mom with two young ones) and she doesn’t really *need* the money (which is why it was so cheap).

We are all very sad and she plans on still doing every other Sunday workouts when she doesn’t have her kids, but….waaah!

I now have to find it in me to motivate myself. I know what to do thanks to Tanja. But I have to now do it at home by myself without falling to the temptation of the sofa & the computer & the TV & the cats.

Here’s hoping that my love of the shape I am in will trump those temptations.

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