Time Trial #1 photos

3/13/11 – came in 4th out of 4 in his age group – all of them having raced before. This was really for him to get that first race off his shoulders and see where he is starting.

2 laps around Fiesta Island = 8 miles.

26.33 total time with avg speed of 18.72mph. He’ll need to up that speed to the low 20s to start placing on the podium when the competition is there like today. Coach Matt loaned him a road bike which made a huge difference. A practice run yesterday had him pushing it on his mountain bike to keep up with his teammates at just 15-16mph. So, a road bike and continued workouts should shave off that time gradually. We had fun despite the ridonkulously early hour on the morning after springing forward and yes, he wants to do it again! Another event coming up on 4/10. Bitten by the bug!

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