Thanksgiving Week in Pictures


Took the week off work – the captions (and images – tell the tale) – well, except for the Thanksgiving meals that we had on Tuesday night and Thursday since I never took my phone out for those. Assume family gatherings and turkey consumed 🙂


Run #1 on Tuesday on the 56 trail – 5 miles – I had to snap these shot of the bottoms up duck in the pond 🙂


Run #2 on Wednesday – also 5 miles – on the middle school track. It has been unseasonably warm and truly beautiful weather.


Run #3 on Thanksgiving morning was the unofficial first annual Corporate Tri training group’s 5k Turkey Trot on the 56. Lots of fun!


Really – just stunning sunsets every single night.


Spent a few nights removing name plates from the red jerseys to prepare for the year end dinner. Seniors get those put into a shadow box display for them. The white jerseys will be draped in front of their seats as they get places of honor for their final event. I took a moment to surround myself one more time with memories of the team – and #18 was the last name plate removed.


Decorating began for real Friday. Had to focus inside since that was our one day of intermittent rain. The star is new and I am very pleased with how elegant it looks – and it was a cheap one from the drug store Black Friday sales!


As usual, Amber was a huge help. I had just tossed those down unloading a box – haven’t placed them where I want them yet and there she is taking ownership.


Daytime view of the tree with, well, a LOT of ornaments. It’s a new LED pre-lit tree and the spread of the branches encouraged me to go a little nuts. Outside lights were put up Saturday with tons of help from 28. I had cleared out tons of overgrowth all day Tuesday and then more Saturday morning and we put out every working light strand. I really want some LED netting strands now. Have a few perfect shrubs for them. Might still go get those so I will hold off photos until I know it is done.


The best part of the week though, was this morning. I FINALLY got to explore the Penasquitos Trail and see the waterfall. Ever since we moved to San Diego where we were on the eastern end of this trail I have been hearing about it. For various reasons it just never lined up that I could join the girls on their occasional runs there. The couple of times 17 and I ventured out in our hiking days to go there, it was too soon after a rain and was closed. Thankfully, the Friday rain was not THAT substantial and enough time had passed. I was due to run 12 miles today, but Eve wanted to do 13 and the lure of this trail twisted my arm to make the 2 mile leap to the complete half marathon distance. It was so great to be on a NEW trail – kept the boredom at bay – and then to feel so strong all the way and to finally see the rocky water fall and rushing stream. It is a harder trail thanks to rocks and some kick ass hills (especially on that last mile – that was brutal!!) – but totally worth it. I am 100% ready for the half now – with exactly 4 weeks to go.


More random ramblings of a cold addled mind


The photo above is my first attempt at using the panorama photo function on the iPhone. This was taken Thanksgiving morning. Go ahead and hate me because yes, I live in paradise, I know!

The girls and I went for a run at Torrey Pines. Ok, actually, the text I received went like this:

“Up for an easy run at TP?”

And I immediately thought “With that hill, there is NO SUCH THING as an EASY run at TP!”

Eh, I went and yeah it was a struggle as usual, but I just kept chugging along and made it up the hill and it was so beautiful along the beach that it didn’t matter. The waves were spectacular. And? It made us feel not SO guilty about pigging out later on for what was Thanksgiving meal #1 for me.

The family meal was Friday since 27 had to work (yay!!) Damn good reason to put it off a day.

So, random thoughts….

You gotta love cats. When I got home from Thanksgiving #2 today I went straight into decorating mode. I was thankful that the whole termite discovery set me off a couple of weeks ago into the deeper cleaning I usually have to do before putting the tree up. So missing a day due to the dual meals was not a problem.

Still, you gotta move stuff around. Bring in boxes. Generally disturb the space that the felines are used to. Of course, as long as you are not running a vacuum, they are so incredibly curious that they usually end being involved in the process whether you want their “help” or not.

The best thing though, is when you move something from one spot to another. I’m thinking “Well, maybe I should just put this cat condo in the garage because I don’t think I’ve seen either of them in it or on it in months.” The condo was in the corner where the tree will go so it had to move. I ended up moving it from the north corner of the room to the south in the dining area. Just 20 feet or so away on the other end of the back wall. They wont care, they never use it, right?

Right – move something and suddenly it is BRAND NEW!!

“What’s THIS THING? Over HERE?! Look! We can scratch the side and trim our claws! OMG! There’s a cubby hole! And…a perch! I can lay down up here and see EVERYTHING!”

I swear the two of them were scrambling around that thing for at least 30 mins tonight and I just had to laugh at their obvious joy at re-discovering the condo.

Crazy animals.

Another observation I made this week is that for some reason, as soon as the Thanksgiving weekend starts, I also re-discover something. HGTV.

It’s not JUST that the regular shows are off – many of the shows on our DVR schedule still had fresh episodes. For some reason though, rather than being content to have sports or news on in the background, I suddenly crave House Hunters and Home Strange Home, and Extreme Homes and…yeah…just about whatever happens to be on .

Right on cue I turned it on last night when I got to my room at bedtime. I’ll get tired of it and/or have cycled through all the episodes by the new year and forget about it again. But for now – “Oooh! Look! There’s a picky couple dissing every property they see and I swear if they say ‘man cave’ ONE MORE TIME..but damn that’s a gorgeous floor and hey, I like the way they used that space there I wonder if I could pull that off….!”

Maybe I’m more like the cats than I care to admit :->

It’s Thanksgiving Eve, and all through the house….


…not a creature was stirring….


wait..wait…wrong holiday.


I gotta say though, it kinda feels like that other holiday-eve. The house is pretty clean. There are a few lights around the windows.

There’s food filling the fridge ready to be roasted/tossed together/crock potted:

Those are fresh, chopped green beans above the turkey – ready to be created into a green bean casserole that will be slow cooking in the crock pot for six hours tomorrow. I saw the recipe for this essentially from scratch version of the classic side dish and couldn’t resist trying it.  The turkey is brining in this:

Using a recipe from Skinny Taste I prepared the brine omitting the salt. I did use apple cider for part of the liquid. While this was boiling and then cooling down this afternoon the kitchen smelled SO FABULOUS! I did get the brining bags from Williams Sonoma as the recipe recommends and they are pretty damn thick and up to the task. Of course I still put a pan down just in case of any leaking. We will have to turn the turkey over once to coat it evenly. Tomorrow it will roast in this:

My mom gave me this years ago and while we have used it a few times, just by virtue of it’s size, it needs to be stored in an upper cabinet out of the way which means….it’s out of the way and we forget we have it! But it’s perfect for tomorrow. It will cook the turkey in almost half the time (it will be done faster than the green beans!) and it frees up the oven for other goodies. And since I only have one oven (grumble), I am very happy that I can use this, the crock pot for the beans, the stove for mashed potatoes and keep everything spread out nicely around the kitchen.

Because I’ve got all the more laborious prep work done today, tomorrow will move about in nice stages from one dish to another without very much hassle at all. Alex is here, but..well…you can imagine the kind of help a 15 year old will be! If I can get him to clean a pot or two I’ll be lucky.

The tables are not entirely set, but they are in place:

Seating for 10, all set!

The cats are ready in their own way – Chip is as confused as ever and will most likely spend the whole day in my room under the bed though he did inspect things down here for a little while:

Amber is getting herself pretty for the camera and the extra attention she will receive:

..and we heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight: Happy Turkey Day to all, and to all a good night!

The thankful list + paintings


  1. Family – though scattered around today, all are healthy and happy and safe
  2. A good man – hard to find and harder to hold onto, but I’ve managed it for another year 😉
  3. Friends – local and scattered, August moms, C&Jers, MTers, and bloggy types.
  4. My kitties – purr babies spreading fur and love every day.
  5. Insurance settlements – oh yeah.
  6. A secure job – double oh yeah these days.
  7. Twitter and facebook and texting and email keeping me connected to my scattered friends.
  8. This blog for providing a dumping ground for my thoughts and for inspiring me to express myself differently and to look at everyday events with a new eye.
  9. Finally finding something to hang on my red wall:



And yeah, the next project on the list is replacing that ugly 80s style hanging stairway light.



My list of things to be thankful for:

All my boys. That DS1 is mostly taking steps forward and for that wonderful opportunity he had to sing on stage and reveal a hidden talent. That DS2 is a Fruitcake 🙂 And also that he is still my snuggle bear while having a most amazing football season where he showed some real talent. And that he has an awesome teacher this year and is doing very well in school. That SP and I enjoyed another year together. That we remain open and honest and committed to each other.

For my parents that they remain in good health and live close enough to come to all of DS2’s games and be in the boy’s lives.

For my friends both real and virtual who keep me sane and grounded and teach me so much.

For DVR – a silly little modern convenience that I love very much.

For seeing without glasses. For beautiful floors and kitchen appliances. Yes, I will be struggling this year to pay off all those things, but my house is no exactly the home I dreamed of and I can see ALL the time!!

A tale from this morning:

At Starbuck’s this morning a woman of around 25 came in. Her hair was bleached blonde, strawlike with dark roots showing through. It was not brushed. She wore those Gucci sunglasses that are bubble shaped and ridiculously over sized making her look quite a bit like a fly. I hate the over sized sunglasses look! Her shirt was clearly a mans long sleeved polo, very rumpled and large on her. Her skirt was too short, barely peeking below the shirt. White knit with pleats it appeared. Her bare legs were nicely tanned and smooth so at least she could pull off the short skirt look. Her shoes though! Black, patent leather 4 inch pumps! I do believe that I managed to stifle the giggle when I first saw her totter in on those things. Such an ensemble! Clearly she had seen way too many Paris Hilton pics and thought it was a look to be copied. Oh my NO! She looked completely ridiculous. My guess is that she had a hot date last night wherein she was dressed in something more feminine and skimpy – a little black dress perhaps. She stayed the night with her date at his place where she has none of her own clothes and was the first to wake up so ended up being the one to get the morning coffee. Perhaps she was lucky to have found a beach wear skirt in her car. But she had no choice on the shoes. At least, I hope my scenario is correct. Who would purposefully choose to look like that other than Paris Hilton?

Happy Turkey Day!