More random ramblings of a cold addled mind

The photo above is my first attempt at using the panorama photo function on the iPhone. This was taken Thanksgiving morning. Go ahead and hate me because yes, I live in paradise, I know!

The girls and I went for a run at Torrey Pines. Ok, actually, the text I received went like this:

“Up for an easy run at TP?”

And I immediately thought “With that hill, there is NO SUCH THING as an EASY run at TP!”

Eh, I went and yeah it was a struggle as usual, but I just kept chugging along and made it up the hill and it was so beautiful along the beach that it didn’t matter. The waves were spectacular. And? It made us feel not SO guilty about pigging out later on for what was Thanksgiving meal #1 for me.

The family meal was Friday since 27 had to work (yay!!) Damn good reason to put it off a day.

So, random thoughts….

You gotta love cats. When I got home from Thanksgiving #2 today I went straight into decorating mode. I was thankful that the whole termite discovery set me off a couple of weeks ago into the deeper cleaning I usually have to do before putting the tree up. So missing a day due to the dual meals was not a problem.

Still, you gotta move stuff around. Bring in boxes. Generally disturb the space that the felines are used to. Of course, as long as you are not running a vacuum, they are so incredibly curious that they usually end being involved in the process whether you want their “help” or not.

The best thing though, is when you move something from one spot to another. I’m thinking “Well, maybe I should just put this cat condo in the garage because I don’t think I’ve seen either of them in it or on it in months.” The condo was in the corner where the tree will go so it had to move. I ended up moving it from the north corner of the room to the south in the dining area. Just 20 feet or so away on the other end of the back wall. They wont care, they never use it, right?

Right – move something and suddenly it is BRAND NEW!!

“What’s THIS THING? Over HERE?! Look! We can scratch the side and trim our claws! OMG! There’s a cubby hole! And…a perch! I can lay down up here and see EVERYTHING!”

I swear the two of them were scrambling around that thing for at least 30 mins tonight and I just had to laugh at their obvious joy at re-discovering the condo.

Crazy animals.

Another observation I made this week is that for some reason, as soon as the Thanksgiving weekend starts, I also re-discover something. HGTV.

It’s not JUST that the regular shows are off – many of the shows on our DVR schedule still had fresh episodes. For some reason though, rather than being content to have sports or news on in the background, I suddenly crave House Hunters and Home Strange Home, and Extreme Homes and…yeah…just about whatever happens to be on .

Right on cue I turned it on last night when I got to my room at bedtime. I’ll get tired of it and/or have cycled through all the episodes by the new year and forget about it again. But for now – “Oooh! Look! There’s a picky couple dissing every property they see and I swear if they say ‘man cave’ ONE MORE TIME..but damn that’s a gorgeous floor and hey, I like the way they used that space there I wonder if I could pull that off….!”

Maybe I’m more like the cats than I care to admit :->

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