The transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas is complete!

I toyed with the idea of putting off the outdoor decorating until next weekend given that Thanksgiving was SO early this year. But then, I saw that there is a first winter rain storm predicted to arrive next weekend – and this weekend was gorgeous. Warm even in the middle of the day.

So after two days of Thanksgiving, I did move on.

Renee played helper elf again for the harder parts requiring the ladder. Thank heavens too because I had to break the rules and stand on the very top step to place lights at the highest point above my front door.  It also helps to have two brains straining to remember the logistics of light and extension cord placement – one of us could usually get a spark of memory going!

There was still a bit of drama and, yes, a complete redo of a major segment. Just as Renee was leaving we noticed there was a strand along the long wall that was burned out. Ugh! Then we both remembered this foiling us last year too and I had discovered that the strands I used on the wall were kind of off market and not sold in local stores so I couldn’t replace any dead bulbs easily. Figures! I guess when I started switching to LED strands, I bought some online that aren’t commonly used. Last year I think I “hid” that segment on one end when we tend to have extras anyway. Then I was supposed to buy new lights for the wall at the after Christmas sales….but, I forgot.

After she left, I ran to the store, bought the necessary replacement strands and proceeded to take down everything we had put up from the back fence all the way around the long wall – double UGH! All in the dark along with some bonus cold fog. Yay.

This morning I waited until the fog had burned off and went back out to finish. Then I waited until it was dark so I could see the results. And then? I saw that the two red bows hung on the two palm trees that are the hardest to access – were each only half lit up. ARGH!

I’m ignoring those for now.

The inside will be done over the next week or so. Window frame lights and mantle/piano/TV stand are done but the tree will take time. I saw a tree posted by a friend on Facebook and now I have a bit of an inspiration for a new decorating theme. One that does not require any new purchases. Winner!

New feature – wrapped the post with strands my mom gave me. Please note that the snowflakes go all the way UP. Rawr!
View from across the street of the side wall and hillside. Those are the cooperative bows on palm trees. I cut off the rebellious ones.
New fence – much easier to hang lights on than the too low crumbling mess that used to be out there. That corner behind the peach tree was a challenge – thanks Renee for squeezing back there!
One of my favorite views – since the backyard is pretty small, with every edge covered, it just glows all around you. Plus, you can see in to the white lights inside.

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