Double duty


Here I am with my lovely post-surgery plastic eye patch. The tape on my face itches like hell. I already took off one piece that I just could not handle. Otherwise though – all’s well! The blurry spot that was my left eye is all clear. This one was a little more uncomfortable for whatever reason. The numbing drops really bugged and post surgery it was burning this time. However, now 4.5 hours later it feels fine. Of course, I took a Vicodin right after which might be contributing to the pain free feelings! This time though I am not nearly as tired or loopy from the meds. I know that having the first one done just a week after the Yearly Kos weekend in Vegas contributed to my exhaustion. The boyfriend was much braver than expected and stayed with me the whole way to watch on the tv monitors. He said it was ok until he saw the doc use what looked like a garden hoe to smooth down the flap after he had replaced it! I must admit that from my angle that was the ickiest part too. I felt nothing of it, but when they come at you with the instruments and your eye is held open it is rather creepy. No burning smell this time. So it is done and I can already tell it is helping. Now to pick out some cool non-prescription shades :->

Back under the lasers


Everyone was in agreement after the appointment this morning that the difference between the right and left eye is now too much. The right eye is now 20-15 and the left is at -2. So I go back Monday at 12:30 for the procedure. Nope – I don’t waste time! Actually, it was either next week, or else the week we plan on starting the floors, so…Just Do It! (thank you Nike)

Oooh – just stumbled on a replay on Bravo of the Eagles Reunion Tour 1 from Melbourne with interviews and stuff in between songs. I’ve seen them in concert a bunch since they reunited and loved every one. Now I am swaying to the music 🙂 Which reminds me that my CD player in my car is broken and I need to get it checked out! I miss my tunes. Normally I dont drive enough for it to matter, but with football starting up there will be a few long drives to get to games.

At least I turned from the all JBR news all the time. Yeesh! The Original Lost White Girl has the media all in a tizzy again. Shoot, and I dont even think this guy did it! I understand covering it of course, but in two hours on CNN I heard not one drop of news on: Iraq, status of middle east peace, the NSA wiretap ruling, or any further coverage of the arrest of the drug kingpin who was then transported here to San Diego for holding. Oh yeah – and how about that recent terror alert and it’s repercussions? Oh, that’s been covered enough already? Ok, because, you know..people might have to board a plane within the next two months and might be curious to know if the ridiculous NO LIQUIDS regulation has been figured out yet. For instance, if they determine that they need to continue this ban, will the airlines be able to respond first of all by being like 1000% better about not losing luggage, and secondly by being more generous with refreshments on the plane? As if I can make it through cross country flight without bringing my own water bottle. Why isn’t it OK as long as it is still sealed? My ex flew to Italy the every day this whole thing came down. Luckily he transitioned through France, not Heathrow! However, the flight he was on was filled with Sony employees going to a convention. More than 20% of them had their luggage lost!! He was one of them. At least he got his bags the next day, but HELLO, this is why so many of us pack so many essentials in our carry ons!

Heehee – how did this go from getting my eye done to all that? Stream of concsiouness blogging day I guess :->

Eyes and fighting the "shoulds"


Tomorrow is the 8 week checkup post surgery. I am definately going to have the left eye done. It’s interesting really. Prior to the surgery, my right eye was frequently watering and itchy and sensitive – not painful, but just often irritated especially at the end of the day. Now I realize that it was because it was working harder than the left. Since I did not wear glasses while working at the computer, it was getting stressed. Well, now my left eye is going through the exact same thing. Watery and itchy and generally not pleased with having to work so much harder. Very rarely the vision comes together, but it is not often enough and never while reading. Ah well – it was worth a try! Scheduling should be fun. (that was sarcasm BTW)

I feel somewhat frustrated as I am falling behind again. Not enough hours in the day to read all I want to read, watch what I want to watch, or communicate with my friends and family the way I would like. Regular housecleaning is a joke. Training is going ok, but only just ok as I have already skipped some days when I just could not squeeze in a walk or a workout. I wish I had time to cook a real meal every night. Instead I am always scrambling to throw anything together, or to grab a frozen pizza or pre-made chicken at the store or (horrors!) Mcds. Then there is the all important life partner thing. How I wish I had the time and energy to snuggle with him every night! Then there is the baseball club and coordinating football events. Now the floor project. I am rather relieved that we cannot get everyone together on that one until mid-Sept, but I do want it done, and done well. Of course, the floor project sorta wipes out the whole house cleaning guilt, right? Why bother!! So I fight the shoulds in my head. I should following my training schedule. I should cook reguarly. I should have and stick to a cleaning/laundry schedule. I should maintain my yard so that nothing is overgrown. I should give my man undivided attention every day. I should read my magainze/newspapers/books. I should read all the blogsites. I should watch the movies and taped shows that I have. I should call my friends.


Instead I take tomorrow off from work and take Alex to the ballgame tomorrow after my eye appt. And another day will go by when I ignore the shoulds.

Eye update


I had another checkup today on the eye. Healed perfectly they say. The mono-vision though is still not there. I can still see the shadow/blurriness from my left eye. A few times over the weekend at the Padres games it was less obvious, but today working on the computer all day it is really irritating! It was a different doctor today and he said that the difference between the corrected eye and the other one *may* be too much, but he also said that it is still much too early to tell. We set another appt for 6 weeks from now and at that point if it has not stabilized I will schedule surgery for the other eye. I feel a little better since he confirmed that I really should not have expected it to come together yet, so I’ll hang in there. It is also supposedly a very gradual correction. Patience!

My back hurts! Most likely from the yardwork yesterday. Between that and my eye I am a tad cranky :-

I can see clearly now


Earworm special. Everybody sing!

The procedure went perfectly. Now I get the fun of waiting for my brain to adjust to this monovision thing. As the doc said this morning at the follow-up exam, it’s like you took one contact out. Right now, the left eye seems to be the one struggling actually to establish itself. It feels more noticeably blurry right now. However, I can watch tv and see everything! Even the scrolling scores along the bottom of the screen on ESPN! That is so cool 🙂 Also, I am not having any pain or the feeling of sand in my eye. Once the valium and the one vicodin wore off, I felt fine. Haven’t even had to take ibuprofen. So now I spend my day putting all sorts of drops in my eye. I’m already an expert and I had never even done it before in my life!

Tomorrow I say goodbye to DS2 for 5 weeks. That should test the old tear ducts :->

I do finally feel recovered from last weekend. The multiple naps yesterday were a godsend. Laundry is done and even just finished putting it away. The downstairs of the house is finally clean after looking like bedlam for the past week. And I still have another day in the weekend. That is really very nice to savor.

SP will most likely leave for his one week in China sometime next week now. Which means I will have an entire week completely without responsibility for anyone. Reading pile, here I come!

Oh Say Can You See?


The date is set. June 16th at 8:45am I go in for eye surgery. The good news is that only one eye needs to be repaired. Since they are really not THAT bad and the right eye has always been worse AND the idea is to come out of it with what they call Monovision, I will only have surgery on the right eye. Since everyone no matter what their eyesight issues ends up with reading glasses, this technique will avoid that. The left eye will be the dominant eye for reading, the right will be for distance. Your brain always puts those two pictures together for you anyway and automatically defaults to the clearest view (the brain is pretty cool that way eh?).
The countdown to no more glasses begins!! I am no excited!

Ceramic art


Here they are. Our masterpieces! An odds and ends box and the Tacobell dog. Dig those crazy eyes on that poor pooch! I am always amazed at the final product after they glaze and bake what we have painted. Really very passable 🙂

Went to a wild 40th birthday party tonight. Always a crazy time at Wolfie’s bar & grill. I did something I have never done in my life today and bought an entire new outfit. Jacket, top, pants, shoes and even watch all new and matching. That was so fun! I do have these odd very girlie moments in between my sporty personality 😉
A highlight of the party for me – talking at length with one couple I have known for a few years and getting a recommendation for an eye surgeon. I *really* want to get lasik surgery and ditch the damn glasses. I spoke with a very recently retired eye surgeon and got a referral from him. Yay! It was also very amusing watching all these 40ish men turn into 18 year olds after a couple of shots of tequila!!
You know what else I liked about the party? Looking out over 100 people there, and seeing SP and knowing he was with me. Posted by Picasa