Eye update

I had another checkup today on the eye. Healed perfectly they say. The mono-vision though is still not there. I can still see the shadow/blurriness from my left eye. A few times over the weekend at the Padres games it was less obvious, but today working on the computer all day it is really irritating! It was a different doctor today and he said that the difference between the corrected eye and the other one *may* be too much, but he also said that it is still much too early to tell. We set another appt for 6 weeks from now and at that point if it has not stabilized I will schedule surgery for the other eye. I feel a little better since he confirmed that I really should not have expected it to come together yet, so I’ll hang in there. It is also supposedly a very gradual correction. Patience!

My back hurts! Most likely from the yardwork yesterday. Between that and my eye I am a tad cranky :-

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  1. Glad to hear your eye is healed, but sorry that it still doesn’t seem right for you. Take a nice long hot bath and relax for that back. Hope you feel better soon…


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