Only in the 70s – Growing Up Skipper


Raise your hand if you remember this one! Oh, wait, but be careful that raising your arm might make you *cough* “grow”!

Can you believe this was approved to be a childs toy? Can you believe that I had one? Oh, times were different weren’t they?! Look at that packaging “She’s two dolls in one for twice as much fun!” “Cute, little girl!” “Tall, curvy teenager!” Curvy eh? So, what exactly happens when you lift her arm? Well, she grows tall and curvy of course. Which means that her legs stretch and her waist gets slimmer and her chest… pops out! Yessiree, puberty with the flip of an arm. Dang, that would have been SO MUCH simpler in reality! No pimples or headaches or mood swings or cramps. Just height and curves and boobs. Suh WEET – sign me up! There is something else that I now notice with the passage of time too. Check our her clothes. She came with one outfit for each stage of her life. But – aren’t they flip flopped? I mean, as a cute little girl she is wearing what looks like hot red go go boots and a pretty short mini skirt. Then the teen version is stuck in sensible white shoes and an ankle length skirt that ends up making her look like a picnic table! The only more ‘adult’ change in her clothes is the plunging neckline.

So how do you think this would go over in 2008? 🙂

11 thoughts on “Only in the 70s – Growing Up Skipper

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  1. I remember that doll! Eiither my sister or I had that doll.

    but if she were on the market today…the backlash against Bratz would pale by comparison.


  2. Oh, I had that one too! I also had some smokin’ red go go boots as well as white and black ones when I was in elementary school. I don’t think the skirt length and boots are far off from what we wore then, but, of course, the older girls word mini skirts too.


  3. I HATED dolls with the white-hot heat of a thousand blazing supernovas, especially “teenage fashion model dolls,” which I thought were boring beyond belief. Nevertheless every time my mother gave my sister a doll she had to give me one, too, despite my protestations, “just to be fair.”

    What I really wanted was art supplies, a chemistry set and a microscope. What I got was dolls.

    I don’t have children and never wanted them. I wonder if there is a correllation?


  4. I remember her, but didn’t have one. My cousin did. I wasn’t a doll kind of girl. I preferred to climb trees.

    I’m not sure she’d go over very well today. Songbird may be right.


  5. My hippy parents didn’t let me have Barbies or the like, but my best friend had a ton of them and this Skipper was one of them. I loved playing with it and all her Barbie stuff.


  6. OMG, I don’t remember this version of Skipper. How scandalous! 8) Too bad I didn’t have one. No, really, I probably would have worshipped her. It took me until age 17 for my boobs to pop out like that. Maybe even 19, and I had way outgrown Skipper.


  7. I don’t remember boob enhancement/boob reduction Skipper. (checks Wikipedia) Yeah, that makes sense, Growing up Skipper didn’t come out until 1975, way past my doll years. I do remember, however, as a kid so desperately wanting a Barbie doll, hell even a Skipper, but was given instead a stupid Midge doll. Midge. Good lord. What was a Midge without a Barbie?


  8. I had this doll and I totally remember playing with it. I had a choice of this doll or a light bright. Silly me picked this doll. Looking back, I can’t even imagine that they would deem that appropriate. LOL!


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