Psychic reading circa 1967

Last night my dad sent along these notes they found from a psychic reading they had done on me when I was 2. How cool is that? 42 years later and we can compare notes! Not being terribly shy about this stuff, my first thought was “blog post!”

Notes are in precise sequence as spoken by the psychic. Dad’s notes in parenthesis, my comments in italics. Some edits made to remove truly unclear items like astrological references that didn’t add anything:

Easy on criticism Darn straight 🙂 more on that later.

Rough time next two months (ear infections?) Yeah, plus mumps and measles and chicken pox and every other thing a kid could get, right? I remember my mom always going on about how I caught every possible thing as a toddler.

Loves freedom There is a theme starting here.

Give suggestions, then walk away. Hah! Sooooo true!

Tendency to be sarcastic I will give you all a moment to control your giggles now……….

Strong sense of duty Yep, to a fault. Hence no time to do things like, oh, clean a shower or read a book.

Learns quickly, will be diplomatic when it suits her It rarely suits me 😉

Artistic First strike on this list I think. The only kind of art I love is the kind done by *other* people. Oh, ok, I do like to slap paint on walls to decorate a house, but that’s it!

Periods of wanting to be alone Duh..Only child…

Watch diet, not too highly seasoned lol! Ok. Perhaps this is why I don’t like spicy foods?

Very successful after twenty-eight years Well…depends on your definition of success I guess.

Stubborn Heee! Well, opinionated for sure, but actually I have changed my mind on lots of things when more facts came to light so I am not sure I would say that. Probably shouldn’t ask SP for his opinion though!

Down to earth Check

Strong business qualities I can own that

Type of shoes, be careful Ok, strike two I think? My feet have not given me issues.

Research It’s appealing though I have not done it outside of school assignments.

Accounting No! Really? Ooops, there’s that sarcasm (stop laughing!!)

Schoolteacher oh strike three right there! No patience for that ever in my life. OTOH, I do like showing people how to do things…MY way of course! No, really, I think I do see this as I do love teaching people things. Adults though.

May not marry too young Strike four in a big way. Dammit.

Makes many friends after she’s twelve 12? How about 30?

No more children I am assuming this was an admonition to my parents and it just cracks me up! Ordered to be an only child!

Needs a good education Well, I think everyone does and I did get one.

Marvelous descriptive ability, details, etc. Recently developed 🙂

Quick tempered WTF is THAT supposed to mean???!!! Oh. Busted.

Train her to make quick decisions rather than temper flares heehee.

She either likes you or she doesn’t May be the most true statement on this list.

Can’t stand criticism True, though I don’t shy away from it and sometimes ask for it.

Sensitive Yeah.

She tends to be selfish Ok look, you ordained me to be an Only Child, what did you expect?? True enough.

No orthodox religion True that.

Not spiritual sign Capricorn Hmmm..have to research that one.

Must prove everything to her Now, this is very true of my oldest son, but I don’t think I am like this…feel free to speak up if you know me and feel differently though.

A free will horoscope Totally.

She shows two marriages Lovely.

Not easy True.

Intuitive person when not overwhelmed, yes.

Try dancing or swimming went with dancing and I loved it.

Quite materialistic, can be transferred Don’t know what that second part means, but I count this as another strike, right?

Garden, touch of earth good for her psyche true of most earth signs I think. But definitely a yes for me.

Very intelligent No comment

If she thinks it’s to her advantage she’ll do it Hmmm…depends.

Strongly sexed No comment

Fundamentally ambitious True I think.

As an adult she’ll have no patience with little children This was always true.

Conscientious Yes.

No dark clothes blue or black No way!

Keep her in natural or light colors pastels? You nuts? Deep reds and browns and purples and…ok another strike on the colors theme.

Not born to be fat And I do appreciate that very much, especially at my age.

Tall and thin half right.

Watch her friendships ? You hear that people? You are ALL on notice!!

Love at first sight Never.

Travel to foreign lands Spain, Italy, Latin America Not so far, but the desire is strong.

What do you think? Certainly more accurate than not. The psychic was given my full birth date/time info so was using astrology as a base, but quite a bit was not related to that at all IMHO. Being a strong believer in free will and walking my own path, I am glad I did not see this when I was younger. I hate to think of life as pre-destined. But it sure is fun to see now!


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  1. I have one that was done for my daughter at birth. It was an astrology chart but she told us a lot about my daughter and most of it is right on target, down to the two surgeries for non life threatening issues (one was for her knee and the other to remove a cyst on her wrist). She also said she would have to have stitches twice before her tenth birthday. Right on target there, too. Still has the scars.

    As far as things that are not particularly true, consider that there is such a thing as a free will so not everything that is foretold or “seen” will come true, depending on the person and their environment.


  2. There’s still time for some of those things to happen (the traveling, for instance).

    Instead of schoolteacher, the psychic should have gone for docent. 🙂


  3. I was going to ask if you had seen this list before now. I don’t know…a lot of it seems like one of those broad spectrum lists that’s sure to have a few things that make you go, “Oh, yes, that is totally me” and then a bunch of other not-so-accurate items we tend to overlook. But, still fun, nonetheless.

    I’m curious about “Strongly sexed.” Not so sure I’d like to know my 2-year old will eventually be strongly sexed. Your poor parents. 😉


  4. Corina – oh yes, free will is huge to me and I agree about that.

    Robin – yeah, that’s why I wrote “not yet anyway!” but I sure will try. Docent..oh yeah 😉

    Dee – I agree. There are many lines in there which are quite in line with the traits of a Capricorn (which I am). I’ve never taken these things too much to heart – it’s just fun as you say. And yeah…that one line made me squirm!!!


  5. Ha! Interesting fortune indeed. Hmmmm…. Now run out and get another fortune told and read it again in 20 years. That was kinda cool. She wasn’t too far off.


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