More childhood holiday gift memories

Have you noticed the header? Yeah, I am updating it periodically as more cards arrive. Watch for yours if you sent me one!

I feel the need to balance out the ultra girly Velvet/hair post with a more realistic representation of the true tomboy that I was as a child. So if you really must know what made my eyes light up as much as dolls, it was this:


Every year I asked for something Hot Wheels. Sometimes just new cars. I had enough of them to need one of these:


I just *loved* building tracks for the cars with these classic orange pieces:


When looking for these photos on The Google I saw a note a guy wrote about how the track was also fun to use for ‘sword’ fights with his brother! Hah! I kinda remember doing something like that with other kids in the neighborhood too. But the coolest thing was when you got just the right combination of car and pitch on the starting strips to get it to do that 360 loop. Sweeeet!


4 thoughts on “More childhood holiday gift memories

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  1. My son had tons of them. We lined them up once and they went from his bedroom door out into the washroom, down four steps, down the driveway and into the garaged. About 35 feet total, all one Hot Wheel after the other.

    I still get them for him. He’s 26. I get him one for special occasions, and they’re usually some kind of a gimmicky car like his favorite beer or candy or something like that.


  2. My little brother collects HotWheels. He must have thousands of them and they’re still in the pack.

    When he was little I used to let him roll his little cars on my back and my arms.


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