My poor kid


No, those are not actual pictures of him in his shoes, but it’s close! I picked him up from Swedish school last night after he’d been with his dad for the week. So, he was in clothes from his dad’s house. Oh my! First of all, in the week he was gone his shoes started to fall apart. There are not *quite* toes hanging out, but the rubber layer on the side of one show was flappin’ in the wind and the other has a hole with the beginnings of a flap. His pants…were first of all too small as you could see by the pant legs only reaching his upper ankle. But then both knees had holes. And I don’t mean pin holes or even finger poke holes. I mean *holes*! The right knee was totally exposed. I swear there was less fabric left on the bottom of those pants than there was left on his torn shoes!! WTF is wrong with his dad?? Did he not see his child at all? I might be able to excuse the shoe situation, but the pants? Dear lord I was so flipping embarrassed. Though I probably should not be. Given that we keep to a very consistent custody arrangement of every other week the school probably can tell when he is with me! Today he was dressed in pants that fit without any holes in them. I cut off the flap on his shoe which was really all I could do for him on such short notice. Tonight when I had hoped to just go straight home after picking him up, we will instead go to get some new shoes.