Eyes and fighting the "shoulds"

Tomorrow is the 8 week checkup post surgery. I am definately going to have the left eye done. It’s interesting really. Prior to the surgery, my right eye was frequently watering and itchy and sensitive – not painful, but just often irritated especially at the end of the day. Now I realize that it was because it was working harder than the left. Since I did not wear glasses while working at the computer, it was getting stressed. Well, now my left eye is going through the exact same thing. Watery and itchy and generally not pleased with having to work so much harder. Very rarely the vision comes together, but it is not often enough and never while reading. Ah well – it was worth a try! Scheduling should be fun. (that was sarcasm BTW)

I feel somewhat frustrated as I am falling behind again. Not enough hours in the day to read all I want to read, watch what I want to watch, or communicate with my friends and family the way I would like. Regular housecleaning is a joke. Training is going ok, but only just ok as I have already skipped some days when I just could not squeeze in a walk or a workout. I wish I had time to cook a real meal every night. Instead I am always scrambling to throw anything together, or to grab a frozen pizza or pre-made chicken at the store or (horrors!) Mcds. Then there is the all important life partner thing. How I wish I had the time and energy to snuggle with him every night! Then there is the baseball club and coordinating football events. Now the floor project. I am rather relieved that we cannot get everyone together on that one until mid-Sept, but I do want it done, and done well. Of course, the floor project sorta wipes out the whole house cleaning guilt, right? Why bother!! So I fight the shoulds in my head. I should following my training schedule. I should cook reguarly. I should have and stick to a cleaning/laundry schedule. I should maintain my yard so that nothing is overgrown. I should give my man undivided attention every day. I should read my magainze/newspapers/books. I should read all the blogsites. I should watch the movies and taped shows that I have. I should call my friends.


Instead I take tomorrow off from work and take Alex to the ballgame tomorrow after my eye appt. And another day will go by when I ignore the shoulds.

3 thoughts on “Eyes and fighting the "shoulds"

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  1. You SHOULD buy a crockpot and one decent slow cooker cookbook. Then, at least part of your worries would go away. And you should always have a good bottle of wine on hand to medicate all the other problems away.


  2. Jax – as you can tell, my getting together time is greatly reduced right now! Perhaps once school starts for Alex and Erik and I get into a more normal week on/ wekk off routine.

    Alto2 – this is sad. I have a slow cooker! I’ve tried it, but my mornings are too stacked as it is. I have to be out the door by 7:30 and I don’t do well with rushing at all.


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