Rainbows! Ponies! Hearts! Love! Hugs! (bleargh!!)

“She must not air out her mind much” – Robin

That quote from a comment by Robin  (which makes me laugh every time I think of it) – is sooooo apropos for that which I am about to rant.

Raise your hand if you are on Facebook.

Now tell me if you have a friend like this in your list. One whose every status update makes you think of something like this:


Their lives are constantly *awesome!*  Their status updates cover things like “I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!” or “Looking forward to the weekend with loving family and hubby!” or “Thanking God every day for my many blessings!” or…well..you get it right? They are never stressed, or busy, or cold, or hot, or sick or in any way posting about anything other than Love & Happiness!

Now, I am largely a very very positive person. I mean, I’m the gal who treated the Power of Positive Thinking for Teens book as my bible in high school (and drove quite a few friends a little batty with it!). It really is my first instinct to view anything/anyone in a positive light.  And sure, the title of this blog seems on the surface to be all sweetness & light right? But it’s a cover for something a tad more – ironic. As anyone knows, I don’t ONLY think that way. There are times when things irritate me. Occasionally. Maybe. (oh shut up and stop laughing!) I think I strike a pretty good balance in my twitters, facebook updates & blog posts between rants & positive observations. Because that is LIFE. A mixed bag of nuts. There is just NO WAY that anyone can live in My Little Pony world all the time, right?

Don’t get me wrong. I am VERY happy for those who are so so happy. Really. I can cheer lead with the best of them. But, around the umpteenth straight update like that and I’m rolling my eyes and making the gagging gesture because honey, that’s all just a little too piled high and deep for me. Who are you trying to convince that life is all peaches & cream? Your friends? Or you?


37 thoughts on “Rainbows! Ponies! Hearts! Love! Hugs! (bleargh!!)

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  1. 1. Love the title. I frequently refer to the overly happy and optimistic as “my life is puppies and rainbows”.
    2. I’m convinced they’re convincing themselves. Because I could give two shats. There, I said it. Bah-humbug.


  2. I think I’m one of those people ! Maybe. Maybe not. I do rant and use irony but I tend to have enthusiastic status or positive ones.
    Because I haaaaate people who always post negative status : Life is gray and dark and I’m lonely and depressed and the cat shit in my shoes etc. You know people who never have anything nice or good to say ? Glass always empty and there’s no more liquid to drink and oh the glass fell and I cut my foot…Bouhou.
    Some people do live in lalaland, pushing reality in another realm completely. Their status reflect that. “Let’s pretend”.


    1. But is eh? And one if often reaching into the bag with no clue what will come next. And you deal with whatever it is. Yeah, I am the eternal optimist who says you make the best of it – BUT – a little bitching about getting something you didn’t want INITIALLY (ew, who put a raisin there?!) is plenty fine 😉


  3. There is a reason why I never do status updates on FB. I also put people with really annoying posts on “hide.” I respect my brother’s decision to not be on Facebook. I am only on it in case I am tagged in a photo.


  4. Nice post 🙂
    I have a friend who always says ” EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!”
    usually it goes like this: ” well, I’m not payed a lot, but everything is awesome; oh, btw, my mom got fired because of the crisis and all that..but anyways, everything is awesome! ”
    So no matter what happens, it’s all awesome at the end… And I was actually wondering why she’s trying so hard to convince herself that everything is awesome when it’s not. I understand that it’s not so much fun to write “I’m depressed, coz everything sucks” as your status on FB, but it’s still better than living in Pony Land (actually even they have troubles sometimes with that evil pig..).


  5. i use facebook mostly for the games but i occasionally throw a status like “wooo party weekend” or “sucky weather”. not much into sharing the awesomeness or suckyness of my days with 1000 people i added just to grow my mafia 🙂


  6. That’s funny because they *do* always use exclamation points!!!!!! Yea!!!!!

    Second most irritating thing? My ex on Facebook always posting 80’s song lyrics in his status update. Ugggg!


  7. I raise my hand and I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’ve also noticed that even when the predominantly cheery-disposition folk put anything leaning towards the tired, cranky, sniffles, headachy end of the spectrum, every single one of the comments on that status update is stuffed with rainbows and my little ponies.


  8. it’s funny because it’s true- but as someone pointed out upthread, the whiny updates get old as well. I get tired of all the game updates personally ’cause I don’t play any of them so I don’t know what the hell any of it means.

    thanks for sharing your rant 🙂


  9. Wow, congrats on making the main WordPress page! 🙂

    I’m with you, sistah, on the gumdrops and rainbows folks. Gag me with a silver spoon. I keep my Facebook friend list low and in check with mostly people who where/are actual FRIENDS at some point or another in my life. And, umm, I don’t “friend” those My Little Pony types. So, yay, I rarely see updates like that. (plus, i’m rarely on facebook, so i’m a skewed study)

    The updates that drive me bonkers on my friendlist? A distant family member whose every update heralds her love for shopping. It’s become a running joke around here, “Let’s see where Molly went shopping today and HOW MUCH SHE LOVES SHOPPING!!!! OMG!!!!! SHE’D SHOP EVERYDAY IF SHE COULD!!!!! OH HELLA YEAH, SHE GOT A 3G-iPHONE!!!! AND, IT’S AWESOME!!!!! AND, SHE LOVES SHOPPING!!!!” I shit you not. She can eat with those My Little Pony people.


  10. Nice read.

    Just opened my own blogsite moments ago, surfed to main page, clicked on yours (first ever) and enjoyed it.

    Thanks for helping me out in regard to … what IT is all about.

    Btw, sometimes I think, what some of us are after is less”love and happiness” and more “love and life satisfaction.”


  11. I don’t buy it either. Nobody’s life is really that happy … well, except for my next door neighbor’s life. Phil is mentally challenged and ADORES fire trucks. Every day, all he talks about is fire trucks … nice paint jobs on the firetruck … rescuing pretty girls with his firetruck. Sometimes I think it’d be nice to live in his world for a day or two.


  12. Looks like you hit on something with this post. I agree. All that hearts and puppies and ponies stuff sometimes makes me wonder if the person has been stunted in their development and never quite made it out of the tween years.

    Though… like Lea… I also wonder if it’s a lot of “fake it ’til you make it” stuff.

    Glad you enjoyed that remark. 🙂


    1. Yeah, what I hit on was getting the attention of the WordPress editors & they promoted this to their front page!! I was/am flabbergasted & a tad freaked out, but it’s been fun reading all the feedback – and now I am REALLY glad I put your hysterical line at the top!!!


  13. I thought I was the only one that saw those people like that. There’s one that I may disconnect from just for this reason. I don’t wish them ill thoughts or luck but enough with the “awesome” “blessings”!


  14. One of my superiors at work just added me as a FB friend (and I accepted cuz, well, I *had* to). The first update I saw was basically “I have horrible homework to do, but my loving father God is on my shoulder saying ‘You can do it, daughter!’ Don’t you just love Him?”


    Perpetually happy and cheerful people make me homicidal.


  15. Oop, I missed your front page post, but right on! Most of my FB contacts are pretty well-rounded in that they use FB to provide info on good political articles or to just say funny, silly things. Many seem to post about negative things just as often as positive. But I know what you mean…the equivalent of the dreaded Christmas newsletter, except their updates are almost daily instead of once a year.


    1. he equivalent of the dreaded Christmas newsletter, except their updates are almost daily instead of once a year.

      The Christmas newsletter…hilarious! and FB used to have a function that allowed one to adjust how often one wanted updates on friends’ activity…and what kind of activity too. Perhaps there are just too many users now.


  16. Oh yeah, you got it. I have an relative who ends everything with “Praise the Lord!” or “Praise the Lord Anyway!” Now, I’m down with the higher power and all that- I even work from a basically Judeo-Christian worldview- but I can’t help but think that God would probably prefer something other than FB praise.



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