Double duty

Here I am with my lovely post-surgery plastic eye patch. The tape on my face itches like hell. I already took off one piece that I just could not handle. Otherwise though – all’s well! The blurry spot that was my left eye is all clear. This one was a little more uncomfortable for whatever reason. The numbing drops really bugged and post surgery it was burning this time. However, now 4.5 hours later it feels fine. Of course, I took a Vicodin right after which might be contributing to the pain free feelings! This time though I am not nearly as tired or loopy from the meds. I know that having the first one done just a week after the Yearly Kos weekend in Vegas contributed to my exhaustion. The boyfriend was much braver than expected and stayed with me the whole way to watch on the tv monitors. He said it was ok until he saw the doc use what looked like a garden hoe to smooth down the flap after he had replaced it! I must admit that from my angle that was the ickiest part too. I felt nothing of it, but when they come at you with the instruments and your eye is held open it is rather creepy. No burning smell this time. So it is done and I can already tell it is helping. Now to pick out some cool non-prescription shades :->

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