If I’m a runner, why are my arms so sore?

Because I sort of forgot that I am not 17, or even 27……and yesterday AFTER a nice 1+ hour trail run and then some serious latte drinking and burrito gulping….Renee, Eve and I were feeling the need to go for a walk to not feel so stuffed. So we walked to the school and park near me where – hey look! There are MONKEY BARS!!

(I swear we didn’t spike our lattes with any booze – really!)

I think it is good that no one thought to take any pictures and that the one video I did take didn’t actually record as I expected (you are so lucky Renee!) because we spent quite a bit of time goofing off doing pull ups and just generally hanging from the bars and rings on the playground. Yeah, we thought were big time gymnasts or crazy cross fit elites or some such. Actually, Renee kind of is pretty good at that and pulled off quite a few hard core pull ups. Way more than I could.

BUT – the thing is that I COULD do some! That is largely thanks to the weight training that I started a couple of years ago so once I realized that I COULD, I had to repeat it right?


Lemme just say that around 2am I woke up with a burning pain in my neck and shoulders like no other! It’s taken two 800 mg doses of ibuprofen to calm down the pain to a tolerable level and still I moan if I have to lift my arms even a teensy bit.

This is all my way of saying – hey, wanna come join our crazy group of nut job fitness geeks who think sore muscles are the bomb?

OK, we don’t really think that, but anyone who knows me knows that getting me to graduate from walking to circuit training and then to running was not an easy psychological leap for me.

It took the motivation and then the support of a cool group of people to get me motoring along. It doesn’t matter how far away you are, if you are even remotely interested in getting or keeping fit, please sign up here:


It’s free and you can drop in and read and post questions in the forum and find people who will be able to answer your questions and help get you motivated. Here’s a snapshot of the topics in there now:

See? Not intimidating at all! It’s really for people who want to get started just moving in general like I did.

And no, you don’t need to make yourself as sore as I did! Also, there is a GREAT link to a cross training video workout (30 mins) that anyone can do at home. That’s in the Cross Training topic. I’ve done it twice now while watching TV and it’s fantastic. I mean, it’s not EASY – but it’s also totally something you can build up to and do.

Meanwhile, I am going to stay away from those damn monkey bars. Evil things.

One thought on “If I’m a runner, why are my arms so sore?

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  1. You had me rolling at the monkey bar story. Lol!

    I know what you mean. The last time I ran a half marathon, my right arm — my arm?! — was killing me. My friends joked that at least it wasn’t the left which would imply I was having a heart attack after the race. And pull-ups? You are way stronger than me! 🙂


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